Dreamlight Valley: Stitch Quest “Goodness Level Check”

Published: Dec. 10, 2022
Updated: Jul. 21, 2023

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Once you have reached friendship level 2 with Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can unlock his first quest “Goodness Level Check”. This guide will show you how to successfully complete this quest.

How to unlock the quest: In order to start the quest successfully, you need to reach friendship level 2 with Stitch. Once you have done that, there is one more hidden requirement. Just look around the peaceful meadow and look for 3 signs of Donald that have been defaced. Once you pick up one of them, the quest will begin. We'll tell you the exact locations of the signs below.

What the quest is about: Stitch has vandalized Donald's signs, which makes Donald quite angry. Help Stitch fix the signs and apologize.

Stitch's Quest: Find All the Signs.

After finding the first vandalized sign, take it to Donald and show it to him. After that, talk to Stitch once more, who will tell you that there are two more signs that he has vandalized. In order to repair them, you'll need to find the rest of the signs as well as the materials. You can find them at the entrances to the Peaceful Meadow.

  • At the entrance to the Peaceful Meadow from the Glade of Trust.
  • At the entrance to the Peaceful Meadow from the Dazzling Beach.
  • At the entrance to the Peaceful Meadow from the Dazzling Beach via the stairs.

Dreamlight Valley Stitch Quest: Repair the Vandalized Signs.

To repair the signs so that Donald realizes that Stitch didn't mean any harm, you need to gather the following materials:

  • 15x Hard Wood
  • 15x Soft Wood
  • All 3 vandalized signs

Once you have all the materials together, talk to Stitch again and give him some of the materials before repairing two of the three signs at a workbench. Then talk to Stitch again, who has repaired the third sign, and then will hand it over to you.

Put Up Signs and Make Stitch Apologize

After you get the sign that Stitch fixed from him, your task is to put them back up on the peaceful meadow.

Once you have done this, talk to Stitch one more time and encourage him to apologize to Donald. Accompany him in his apology and wait for Donald to accept it.

Talk to Stitch again to complete the quest.

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