Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch all Festive Fish

Published: Dec. 20, 2023
Updated: Dec. 20, 2023

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Christmas is just around the corner again. That means it's also time to think about the festive food in Disney Dreamlight Valley, for example in the form of festive fish. This guide will help you catch them.

Find out in this guide:

  • Which festive fish are available.
  • How to catch all the festive fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
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These Festive Fish are Available

The festive fish are basically nothing new, but part of a small Christmas promotion in Disney Dreamlight Valley that already existed last year. This means that if you caught the fish last year, you won't be able to catch them now. You can only collect each festive fish once. There are currently five of these festive fish in the waters, all of which you can recognize by their Christmas hats:

  • Festive Bass (150 energy when eaten)
  • Festive Fugu (1,700 energy when eaten)
  • Festive Salmon (500 energy when eaten)
  • Festive Anglerfish (2,000 energy when eaten)
  • Festive Squid (1,000 energy when eaten)
DDV Festive Salmon

You can spot festiv fish on their Christmas hat.

Catch Festive Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to go hunting for the festive fish, you should keep an eye out for red and green bubbles in the water. The festive fish cannot be sold, but can only be eaten or used for cooking. As already mentioned, you can only catch each festive fish once, as the festive fish are part of the Christmas task “Even Fish are Festive”.

DDV Bubbles

Use your rod at the red and green bubbles to catch some festive fish.

There are many more of these tasks. You can find out which ones these are and which ones you have not yet completed at any time in the menu under the “Dreamlight” tab in the “Village” section. But now to the locations of the festive fish:

  • Festive Perch (Peaceful Meadow)
  • Festive Fugu (Dazzle Beach, but only during stormy weather!)
  • Festive Salmon (Sunlite Plateau)
  • Festive anglerfish (Forgotten Land)
  • Festive octopus (Glade of Trust)

If you haven't collected the fish yet, you'd better hold out, because the festive swimming animals are only available in Disney Dreamlight Valley until 23.12.2023. If you're still looking for the recipes for which you can use the festive fish, take a look at our big Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe guide. You'll find all 314 recipes from the main game and the expansion “A Rift in Time”.

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