Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Report a Bug

Published: Jan. 01, 2024
Updated: Jan. 01, 2024

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Gameloft's life simulation was fully released with its 1.0 version just a month ago. So it's not surprising that minor bugs continue to pop up. This guide will show you how to report a bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What a bug is.
  • How to report a bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley directly to Gameloft.
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What is a Bug?

With the launch of the full version, a lot of new content was introduced in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including new characters, biomes, quests, animals, and more. As we all know, nothing is perfect at the beginning. It's the same here. Players repeatedly report missing items or NPCs when completing quests, that the dialog options are not as they should be, or simple graphics bugs.

Such problems can often be solved by restarting the game. Sometimes, however, they are bugs that affect several or even all other players. Such bugs can only be fixed if players report them and inform the developers.

How to Report a Bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fortunately, it is very easy to report a bug to Gameloft in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can report the bug in the game itself via the menu. To do this, open the menu and select “Help” in the settings. At the bottom you will find a link to a Discord server operated by Gameloft itself.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bug Melden

You can report your bug directly to Gameloft on the Discord server.

The developers advise all players to join the Discord server, as bugs and bug fixes are published here as soon as they become known. You can also report bugs there yourself. The server has its own channel called “Bugs and Issues” for this purpose. This is the quickest way to report your bug in Disney Dreamlight Valley to Gameloft.

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