Disney Dreamlight Valley: Sully's "Escape Claws"-Quest [Quest Guide]

Published: Feb. 28, 2024
Updated: Feb. 28, 2024

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With today's update on February 28, 2024, for Disney Dreamlight Valley, Sully and Mike, the main characters from the movies "Monsters, Inc." and "Monsters University," have finally arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To bring them into your valley, you have to travel to their world.

This guide will show you:

  • Where to find the door to the "Monsters, Inc." realm.
  • How to solve Sully's first quest.

How to Enter the Realm of Monsters, Inc. in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll find the door that takes you to the world of Monsters, Inc. on the second floor, to the left of the door that leads you to the realm of "The Beauty and the Beast". Unlocking this world will cost you 15,000 Stardust and will automatically trigger Sully's "Rescue Claws" quest.

Open the Door to the Laugh Floor

Once you've arrived in the Monsters, Inc. realm, you need to investigate the door leading to the Laugh Floor. Walk over to the large gray door opposite you and press the action button. Since you're not a monster, access to the Laugh Floor will be denied, and you need to find a monster disguise.

You'll find the disguise in the closet next to your entry and exit from this realm. Open it with the action button and put on the disguise you find, along with the official Monsters, Inc. helmet. Try opening the door again, which should work now, and then speak with Sully.

Author's tip: The ears you received can be found in the category 'Earrings', and the helmet under 'Hats'.

Die Monster AG-Welt, Disney Dreamlight Valley
Open the closet to find your disguise.

Clean the Laugh Floor of Monsters, Inc.

Your first task from Sully is to clean up the Laugh Floor, which got dirty during the last party. You can do this by approaching the trash piles and removing them with the action button. Use your watering can to pour water on the slug slime, which will dissolve as a result. After you've cleaned everything, speak to Sully.

Die Lachabteilung in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Remove the remnants of the party in the Laugh Floor.

Brew the Perfect Coffee for Mike and Sully

Your next task is to make coffee, and Sully informs you that he and Mike have different tastes in coffee. Head to the lobby of the Laugh Floor where you started, and you'll find a note next to the coffee machine that shows you exactly how to prepare the two coffees.

  • Mike: 1x Coffee, 3x Sugar, 1x Non-dairy Screamer
  • Sully: 5x Coffee

The ingredients can be found to the right of the machine, where you can take them in the appropriate quantity. Then, interact with the coffee machine and add the ingredients as you would when cooking. Finally, bring the two coffees to Mike.

Die verschiedenen Kaffeesorten von Mike und Sully in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Bring Mike and Sully their coffees.
You can find more quest guides, sorted by character and order, in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide Overview.

Rescue Mike in the Laugh Floor of Monsters, Inc. in Dreamlight Valley

Now, Mike wants to show you how he works and enters the children's room through the door, causing the power to go out. Sully gives you the task of finding the emergency manual, which you'll find on the second desk from the front. Collect it and hand it over to Sully.

Finde das Notfallhandbuch der Monster AG in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Find the emergency manual and bring it to Sully.

After Sully has read the emergency manual, he knows what to do. He tells you to look for new fuses and install them in the fuse box, as well as check the power lines. You can find the fuses in these locations in the Laugh Floor:

  • On the red toolbox next to the TV in the back left corner of the Laugh Floor.
  • On the first desk.
  • On the third desk.

Insert the three fuses into the fuse box by interacting with one and dragging them from your inventory into it. Then, you'll need to reconnect the cables on the floor to each other and to the outlets using the action button. If a cart is in the way, you can move it by interacting with it. 

Repariere den Sicherungskasten der Lachabteilung in Disney Dreamlight Valley 3/3
Connect the cables together and to the outlets.

After Mike's rescue, he thanks you for the help, and you must speak with Sully one last time to invite him to your Valley. However, Sully only wants to come to your Valley if Mike accompanies him. Therefore, you have to complete Mike's "Eye on the Prize" quest.

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