Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mike's “Eye on the Prize”-Quest [Quest-Guide]

Published: Feb. 28, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024


With Mike's “Eye on the Prize” Quest, you can bring him and Sulley, who arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley on February 28, 2024, to your Valley. We'll show you in this guide how it works.

All of Mike’s quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Start the 'Eye on the Prize' Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To start the quest, you must have successfully completed Sulley's 'Escape Claws' Quest. After that, the 'Eye on the Prize' Quest will automatically begin.

Find the Key Cards at the Reception

Mike is afraid that another monster might break his laugh record (the best laugh record of all time) while he's on vacation in your Valley. That's why he asks you to help him set a new record.

To help Mike break his record, he needs the key cards to open the doors to the children's rooms. You find these key cards at the reception, which is located in front of the Laugh Floor. If you go to the door leading to the reception, you'll find a note stating that the door is broken and tools are needed to open it.

You can find these tools in the toolbox located at the back left of the Laugh Floor. Once you've collected the tools, return to the reception door. By using the tools, you are able to open the door to the reception. Walk down the hallway to the reception, where you'll find the key cards on the left side of the counter. Collect them and bring them to Mike.

Gather Clues and Create New Files

Using the key cards, there are now three doors that Mike can use to make the children laugh. However, before he can do this effectively, he needs to examine the files. Since the files are missing, you're now tasked with creating new ones. Your objective is to search the individual rooms for clues indicating what each child finds particularly funny.

Door in Bay “F2”

In the first children's room, accessed through the door in Bay 'F2' of the Laugh Floor, your task is to find three clues, each located in specific spots:

  • The painted picture of an elephant to the left of the bed.
  • The painted picture of the circus clown is to the right of the door, opposite the bed.
  • Open the curtains of the window right next to your exit, where you'll find the last painted picture of a hat.

After you've found all three clues, return to Mike and inform him about the clues.

Door in Bay “F3”

In the second children's room, you're supposed to take photos of the clues. You need to photograph the following subjects:

  • The Astrojet poster with the rocket on it.
  • The book with the rocket cover, in the corner in front of the bookshelf.
  • The starry sky above the bed.

Hand your photos of the clues to Mike.

Door in Bay “F4”

In this children's room, you can only find one clue. Clear the trash piles in this room to uncover the sought-after clue: a whoopee cushion. Hand the whoopee cushion to Mike.

You can find more quest guides, sorted by character and order, in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide Overview.

Get the three sodas from the vending machines

For the child behind the door in Bay 'F4', Mike plans to create the biggest burp in burp history, for which he needs soda. Your task is to obtain the three different sodas, available from the three soda machines located at the reception area. The red and blue machines can be found in the room in front of the reception, while the green machine is in the hallway leading to the reception.

  • Red Soda: To get the red soda, just interact with the red soda machine. This will open a storage from which you can take ice and the red soda.
  • Blue Soda: First, turn on the blue machine by flipping the switch next to it on the left. Then interact with the machine again to get the ice and blue soda.
  • Green Soda: Equip your pickaxe and use it to hit the green machine to receive the green soda.

Hand over all three collected sodas to Mike and watch as he breaks his old record.

Welcome Sulley and Mike to your Valley

Place Mike and Sulley's house in a location of your choice in the Valley. Building their house costs 20,000 coins. After you've built it, you can welcome Sulley to your Valley.

Speak to Sulley and then return to the realm of Monsters, Inc. to help Mike take a photo for the Jokester of the Month. After that, you can also welcome him to the Valley.

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