Disney Dreamlight Valley: These Legs Were Made For Walking [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 13, 2023
Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

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If you have picked up the Dream Bundle called “Ursula's Transformation” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have access to the quest “These Legs Were Made For Walking”. This guide will help you solve it.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What you get with the Bundle “Ursula's Transformation”.
  • How to solve the quest “These Legs Were Made For Walking”.
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Contents of “Ursula's Transformation”

You can purchase “Ursula's Transformation” for 4,000 moonstones. In addition to the aforementioned quest “These Legs Were Made For Walking”, you will also receive other exclusive content. For example, you will receive Vanessa as a new inhabitant of the village, who is effectively Ursula in her human form. New outfits, accessories, and items are also waiting for you.

“These Legs Were Made For Walking” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The main content of “Ursula's Transformation” is the quest “These Legs Were Made For Walking”. As soon as you have unlocked the optional package, the quest begins. The first step is to equip Ursula's Dream Style “Vanessa”. To do this, open the menu and navigate to “Characters” via the “Collection” tab, select Ursula and equip the style accordingly.

You will then need to speak to Ursula, who will ask you to gather several items for her transformation:

  • 3x Purple Rising Pentstemon (found in the peaceful meadow)
  • 3x Purple Falling Pentstemon (can be found on the main square)
  • 10x Raspberries
  • 2x Purified Night Shard
  • 3x Onyx

Once you have everything you need, return to Ursula and begin the spell. To seal it, however, you need to take a photo of “Vanessa”. After the photo session, you have to go to your house, where Ursula is already waiting for you. Talk to her and then go to Remy. There, you have to prepare a dish for Ursula that has at least three stars. If you need a little inspiration for this cooking session, take a look at our big recipe guide for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Here you'll find all the recipes for the entire game.


What about Eggplant Puffs?

To complete the quest, the last step is to visit Scrooge McDuck and buy any four pieces of furniture with an “elegant” style. You can easily search for elegant furniture in the store filter. Once you have chosen four of them, all you have to do is place them anywhere in the valley and the quest “These Legs Were Made For Walking” is complete. As a reward, Ursula will give you a chic necklace.

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