Disney Dreamlight Valley: Burying the Eel [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 13, 2023
Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

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As soon as you have unlocked Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can start his first quest, “Burying the Eel”. This guide will help you.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to start the quest “Burying the Eel” in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • Where you can find the necessary worms.
  • How to complete the quest.
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Burying the Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Maui wants more coconuts for the valley after moving in. He absurdly asks you to catch an eel and bury it. To start the quest, your friendship level with Maui must have reached level 2. You also need access to the “Dazzle Beach” biome. If you fulfill these requirements, you can activate the quest “Burying the Eel” with Maui. First, you have to get the following things for him:

  • 3x Worms
  • 8x Softwood
EN DDV Burying the Eel

You require three worms for Mauis's quest “Burying the Eel”.

You should be able to collect the softwood fairly quickly. Likewise, you can collect it anywhere on the plaza and in the peaceful meadow. The worms, on the other hand, are a different story. It took us quite a while to find the slippery crawlers. We could have saved ourselves a lot of time if we had spoken to Goofy straight away.

He tells you that you have to search near ponds, in places that are close to the shore and glow. However, not every glowing light will reveal a worm. But if you search the three ponds in the peaceful meadow for long enough, you should quickly collect your three worms. Take them to Maui and move on.

Craft a Fishing Trap and Catch the Eel

Next, you need to craft a Fishing Trap with the worms and the wood on your workbench. You then have to take this trap to the quay to put it in the water. This is the wooden pier in the south of the Shimmering Beach. Simply place the trap in the water somewhere on the edge of the pier.

EN DDV Fishing Trap

You can craft the Fishing Trap on your workbench.

Talk to Maui again and then return to the quay and your fish trap. You will now discover a golden bubbling in the water. This spot marks the eel that you now need to fish for. You may have to try twice or three times, as other fish can also wriggle on the hook. When you have caught the eel, show it to Maui and then bury it anywhere on the beach.

Pour a little water on it with your watering can and wait for about five minutes. Strangely enough, a coconut tree grows out of the ground. Harvest one of the nuts straight away and bring it to Maui. This completes the quest “Buryin the Eel” in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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