Disney Dreamlight Valley: Village Project: The Garden [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 15, 2023
Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

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As part of WALL-E's quest “Village Project: The Garden” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have to restore a destroyed garden and craft items such as Burlap Bags. This guide will show you how to do this.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Where to start the quest, “Village Project: The Garden”.
  • How to craft the required items.
  • How to successfully expand WALL-E'S garden.
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WALL-E's quest: “Village Project: The Garden” in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have brought WALL-E to your village, you can start “Village Project: The Garden” as part of his quest line. Talk to the little robot and he will lead you to a garden that looks anything but pretty. Your task will be to restore this garden. You will need several things for this:

  • 1x Trellis
  • 3x Burlap Bags
  • 5x Sugarcane Seeds
  • 5x Wheat Seeds
EN DDV Village Project The Garden

You need to collect a lot of stuff.

You can buy the two types of seeds from Goofy (Peaceful Meadow and DazzleBeach). However, you have to make the Burlap Bags and the Trellis yourself.

How to Craft Trellis and Burlap Bags

As always, when it comes to crafting certain items, your first stop is your workbench. There you will learn that you need the following materials for 1x trellis:

  • 15x Softwood
  • 3x Soil
  • 2x White and Pink Falling Penstemon (only grows on the Plaza)

You also need certain resources for the 3x Burlap Bags:

  • 30x Soil
  • 60x Fiber (either buy it from Kristoff or make it yourself with 12x seaweed)
EN DDV Burlap Bags

You need 3x Burlap Bags for the quest.

Once you have your items together, take them to WALL-E, and the quest “Village Project: The Garden” in Disney Dreamlight Valley is complete. The reward is the garden itself. From now on, you can come every day to harvest the vegetables that WALL-E grows for you. You can even expand the garden further. To do this, place Scrooge's sign in front of the garden and interact with it. By improving the garden, you will unlock more growing space and can increase your harvest yield.

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