Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Catch the Robot Fish

Published: Dec. 15, 2023
Updated: Dec. 15, 2023

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The robot fish is one of the rarest fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This guide shows you where to find and catch it.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • Everything about the different bubbles in the water.
  • Where you can catch the robot fish.
  • Useful fishing tips.
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White, Blue, and Golden Bubbles in the Water

You have probably already noticed that bubbles of different colors keep rising in the waters of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The bubbles themselves tell you that you are sure to catch something at these spots if you cast your rod there. The color of the bubbles also gives you an indication of the rarity of the fish you can catch here:

  • White bubbles: This is where you can catch the common fish and algae.
  • Blue bubbles: With blue bubbles, rare fish can also bite.
  • Golden bubbles: The golden bubbles tell you that you have a chance of catching the rarest fish in the whole game here.

Catching Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As already mentioned, the robot fish is one of the rarest fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This means you only have the chance to catch one if you cast your rod in places marked with golden bubbles.

EN DDV Robot Fish

You can sell the Robot Fish for 625 gold.

The spawn locations of the robot fish are also limited to The Docks and The Overlook. This means that you can only catch a robot fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley from golden bubbles in The Docks and at The Overlook. These areas are exclusive to the “A Rift in Time” expansion. You can either sell the robot fish for 625 gold or eat it yourself for 1,350 energy. However, you should always have one or two in reserve for unfinished quests (for example, “The Flying Metal Nuisance”).

Useful Tips for Fishing

During your adventures in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will always need a wide variety of fish. In many quests, for example, you have to cook certain dishes that require a specific fish. To keep your stock of fish as large as possible, you should complete “Fixing the Boat”.

EN DDV Fixing the Boat

Moana will bring you fish, if you fix her boat.

This is a quest from Moana. You can then improve the repaired fishing boat even further. Moana will then catch fish for you independently and regularly, which you only need to collect from her.

In general, you should always take a short fishing break when you find golden (or even blue) bubbles along the way. This way you can ensure that you always have at least a small stock of rare and very rare fish.

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