DMZ Scavenger Boss Guide: How to Find and Beat

Published: Apr. 17, 2023
Updated: Apr. 17, 2023


New season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 always brings exciting content and changes to the most popular game modes. The latest Season 03 is not an exception. In addition to important gameplay changes, it added a new boss named Scavenger to the DMZ mode.

In this guide: learn how to find and beat a Scavenger boss in DMZ. It is a unique boss guide that will reveal the location, rewards, and helpful tips to beat Scavenger quickly.

Where to Find Scavenger in DMZ

Finding a Scavenger is the most complex part of defeating this boss. While some players consider the mini-boss to have specific spawn points across the map, it is not so. Scavenger has no fixed location, and he can appear in different locations.

But as practice shows, the best place to find the boss is near the shores of Ashika Island. Alternatively, feel free to wander around the sandy dunes of Al Mazrah.

Once you approach the area with Scavenger, the game will notify you that multiple operators died wandering around this area. After that, you need to find the corpses and loot them to get three calling cards to get a particular location of the boss on the map.

Once the particular point is marked on your map, head to this area and try to spot Scavenger. He is wearing a black Ghillie suit, so you shouldn’t experience any problems with finding this boss.

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How to Beat Scavenger in DMZ

Once you find Scavenger and his crew, you can kill the boss. Scavenger is equipped with well-protecting heavy armor, significantly reducing the damage the boss takes. So, the only practical way is to damage the boss by shooting him in the head.

Be patient and wait until you can do multiple shoots in his head. To do it correctly, also pick a suitable angle so bullets ignore the armor and shoot the boss directly in the body.

While it sounds straightforward, doing it might require a few tries. Even experienced players fail to kill this boss on the first try. So, if you die, don’t get upset and try to do another try, taking into account all the mistakes you made on the previous try.

Rewards for Scavenger in DMZ

Killing Scavenger is the main requirement for completing the mission “Calling Card,” which rewards players with valuable items mentioned below:

  • Sawah Hotel Room 302 Key
  • +5000 EXP

Still, EXP and Room 302 Key are not the only rewards you will get by killing this boss. Beating Scavenger also rewards players with a bunch of valuable weapons and gear. Moreover, there is a great chance to get some unique items, which are hardly accessible during traditional DMZ matches.

That’s it with the DMZ Scavenger boss guide. This guide covers everything you need to kill the boss and loot valuable rewards quickly. Before you go, check out our guide on where to find the Tempus Torrent in MW2 DMZ.

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