Hogwarts Legacy: Sebastian - All Choices and Consequences

Published: Apr. 16, 2023
Updated: Jan. 05, 2024

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In Hogwarts Legacy, your interactions with Sebastian lead to a series of choices. Editor Alex, who has successfully finished the role-playing game, explains the consequences of different choices you can make.

This guide will cover:

  • The impact of your responses to Sebastian's questions.
  • How you can continue learning spells from Sebastian even after completing his quest line.

Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy: The Effects of Your Choices

Hogwarts Legacy: Sebastian All choices and consequences

For many RPG enthusiasts, the genre is synonymous with decisions that carry significant consequences. The developers at Avalanche, creators of Hogwarts Legacy, were well aware of this and have infused their Potter saga with an abundance of choices and their ensuing outcomes.

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This guide takes a closer look at the choices associated with Sebastian from Slytherin. Throughout the story with Sebastian, you will encounter various crossroads. What will happen if you decide for or against him? You'll find out in the following sections.

Quest: Welcome to Hogsmeade

  • Choice: Do you choose Natty or Sebastian?
  • Consequences: Your decision won't cause the quest to fail. However, it will change the content of dialogues and determine who helps you in the fight against the armored troll. Natty has superior attack abilities, while Sebastian takes on more of a healer role.

Quest: In the Shadow of the Crypt

  • Choice: Do you tell Sebastian the truth or not?
  • Consequences: If you inform Sebastian about events before your arrival at Hogwarts, the dialogue expands compared to the alternative choice. The latter ends the conversation quickly and the quest continues.
Hogwarts Legacy: Sebastian Secret Room all choices and consequences

One of the many decisions of Hogwarts Legacy: the (non-)secrecy of Sebastian's secret room.

Quest: In the Shadow of the Study

  • Choice: Do you learn the Crucio Curse or not?
  • Consequences: You can choose not to learn the curse to fully oppose the Dark Arts. Sebastian will then cast Crucio on you. If you decide to learn Crucio and ask Sebastian to cast it on you, he will be very grateful. The third option is similar to the latter, but you cast Crucio on Sebastian, opening a previously locked door. You won't face any consequences for using the curse.

Quest: In the Shadow of Time

  • Choice: Do you comment on Sebastian's intention to take the relic?
  • Consequences: Apparently, this choice has no lasting consequences. However, it does influence how Sebastian perceives you at that moment. He will take the relic regardless. If you advise leaving the relic alone, your friend argues against it. Otherwise, he is pleased that you seem to be on the same wavelength.

Quest: In the Shadow of Time

  • Choice: Do you side with Sebastian or Ominis?
  • Consequences: Ominis, Sebastian's Slytherin colleague, disapproves of Sebastian's intention to use a dark relic for a good cause. You have up to four options. 1: You agree with Ominis to talk to Sebastian. He will let Sebastian go only if he promises to stop using the Dark Arts. 2: You side with Sebastian, leading Ominis to reinforce his viewpoint and even sacrifice the friendship if necessary. If you choose option 2, you can next respond with "Forget it." Consequently, Ominis will let Sebastian and you go, provided Sebastian swears off the Dark Arts. Choosing the other option, you learn the Imperio Curse and save the friendship between Ominis and Sebastian.

Quest: In the Shadow of Fate

  • Choice: Do you betray Sebastian?
  • Consequences: At the end of Sebastian's personal quest line, he has gone to incredible lengths to heal his sister. You now have the option to report Sebastian. Regardless of your choice at this point, it will significantly impact the game's ending. If you betray Sebastian, he will be imprisoned in Azkaban and thus removed from the story. You will only hear from Ominis about Sebastian's fate in Azkaban. However, if you choose in favor of Sebastian, it leads to a much better ending where he acknowledges his mistakes and promises to do everything possible to make amends. You will meet Sebastian again and, after completing the main quest, can learn more curses from him.

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