Elden Ring: How to get the Carian Regal Sceptre

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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If you're playing as a mage in Elden Ring, few weapons are as formidable as the Carian Regal Sceptre. We'll show you how to get your hands on this staff.


  • To obtain the Carian Regal Scepter, you must defeat the boss Rennala in Liurnia.
  • Upon defeating her, you'll receive the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen. You can exchange this echo at the Roundtable Hold for the Carian Regal Sceptre.
  • The staff scales with your Intelligence attribute and boosts Full Moon sorceries by 10 percent.

How to Get the Carian Regal Sceptre in Elden Ring

Rennala is the boss of Liurnia. To get to her, you have to fight your way through the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Defeat Rennala to get the Carian Regal Scepter.

The academy of Raya Lucaria in Elden Ring.

Once you have defeated Rennala, you will receive the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen. You can exchange this echo (just like all other boss echoes) for a specific item at Enia at the Roundtable Hold. You can choose between the Carian Regal Sceptre and the spell Rennala's Full Moon.

Um das Zeppter vollumfänglich zu nutzen, benötigst du 60 Punkte in Weisheit.

The Carian Regal Scepter is one of the most powerful staffs in Elden Ring.

Bear in mind, however, that the echo will be lost forever after the exchange. Unless you duplicate it before trading it in. In General, you should always duplicate every echo before you exchange it. This way you can take all items with you without having to start a New Game+.

How to Duplicate the Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen

If you want to duplicate an echo, you must visit a Walking Mausoleum. There are seven of these giant creatures in total. On their legs, they have skull-like deposits, which you can cut off with your weapon.

Once you have knocked off enough of them, the mausoleum will fall to the ground and you can enter it. You can then duplicate any echo inside.

Why the Carian Regal Sceptre is so Strong

The sceptre is one of the most powerful weapons for mages. It has a B scaling with Intelligence and the Whirling Weapon talent deals extreme damage, even to stronger enemies.

If you are a fan of Full Moon sorceries and like to use Ranni's Dark Moon or Rennala's Full Moon, you will benefit twice over, as these spells are boosted by 10 percent by the sceptre. To be able to use it to its full extent, your character needs eight points in strength, 10 points in dexterity and 60 (!) points in intelligence.

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