Keep Busy Until Mr Hands Calls Back in Cyberpunk 2077

Published: Oct. 04, 2023
Updated: Oct. 04, 2023


In this guide, we'll show you how to complete the Keep Busy Until Mr. Hands Calls Back in Cyberpunk 2077. This is a side task in the M'ap Tann Pelen mission that can be a little bit confusing since not that many details are given. You will receive this task from Mr. Hands, because of your request to contact Voodoo Boys.

Also, it's worth noting that players may experience difficulties and bugs while completing this task, and we have noticed them as well, but we managed to overcom them. To learn how to complete this objective and avoid all problems, read our guide.

Cyberpunk 2077: How To Complete Keep Busy Until Mr Hands Calls Back

Mr. Hands in Cyberpunk 2077

At this stage, players have a problem because they do not understand what exactly the task is. Don't worry, everything is straightforward, and we have found 2 main methods that you can use:

  • Complete other quests: As you have guessed, you just need to wait for a certain period of time. The most useful thing to do is to complete side quests because, during this period of time, you can develop your character even more, or at least earn some currency. After a certain period of time, you should receive a call from Mr. Hands to inform you of the details.
  • Skip the time or sleep: If you don't want to wait and want to start the M'ap Tann Pelen mission right away, you can use this method. Just open the pause menu and select the "Skip Time" option, or you can go to the nearest place where you can sleep and lie down on a bed. If Mr. Hands doesn't call you after you perform an action, try doing something else for a few minutes to initiate the action.

Both of these methods work and have been tested by us, but it also happens that gamers have a bug that causes Mr. Hands not to call at all.

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How To Avoid the Bug When Mr. Hands Does Not Call

Yes, this bug does occur, and we also encountered it during the walkthrough. No matter what you do or what you try, nothing works and Mr. Hands does not call. As in the previous case, we have 2 methods you can use.

  • Skip the time several times: When you wake up or skip time for the last time, make a save, then restart the game and run that save. This is the one that helped us.
  • Go to Pacifica: If the previous method doesn't work for you, then try getting in your vehicle and driving to Pacifica. According to the quest, this is where you'll need to arrive later, so try doing this ahead of time to see if that's why the error occurs. We tried this to bypass part of the mission, and it did work, we got a call from Mr. Hands, but not with the dialog that was supposed to be, but with the next one, which was about Pacifica.

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