Lost Ark Medrick Monastery: Mokoko Seeds and collectibles

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In the ARPG MMO Lost Ark, you can find various collectibles and secrets in each area. These are especially important for unlocking area rewards. We’ll show you where to find all the Mokoko Seeds in Medrick Monastery.

In Lost Ark you can discover some objects, secrets and special places. Strong monsters and bosses are also hidden in many areas. Finding these things is rewarded with area advancement, which in turn gives you great rewards.

Here you can find all Lost Ark Medrick Monastery Mokoko Seeds


You can find all of this: In the third area of West Luterra district, the Medrick Monastery, you will find:

  • 13 Mokoko Seeds
  • 1 Point of Interest
  • 1 Secret
  • 4 Named Monsters
  • 1 Treasure
  • 1 Song
  • 1 hidden Story

You have to pay attention to this: Two of the Mokoko seeds are behind a secret passage, just walk through the door. To get the two more Mokoko seeds in the southwest of the monastery, you have to play the Song of Resonance on a statue.

You should be able to find the rest without any further problems.

That’s all the main areas in Lost Ark

We will update this list with all the collectibles. We just need to find them first 🙂

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  1. The first Mokoko seed in this area is marked on the map incorrectly. Go Northeast to the next mob and its in the bottom right corner.

  2. Wouldnt mind if you could include the alternate names for sheet music. It would make the read a little easier. I understand that languages differ but there are alternate names for them depending on region. Hopefully you do this. Thank you. and great guide btw

  3. Food ingrediant missing at the very centre of the map, the fried rice recipe, its locatated on centre of the 2nd set of seats in the chapel from the waypoint.


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