Lost Ark: How to change the mouse controls in the game

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The ARPG MMO Lost Ark is releasing on February 8th and right at the beginning, you have to choose one of two mouse controls. For example, attack with the left mouse button and move with the right. We’ll tell you how you can change this decision later.

That’s going on: After you’ve created a character in Lost Ark, you select the keyboard layout, for example, QWERTY and your prioritized mouse control. In the future, you will either attack with the left or the right mouse button.


Apparently, there are some gamers who are not satisfied with their mouse controls and want to change them. Finding this option is not easy, however.

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How to change your mouse controls in Lost Ark

To change your controls afterward, all you have to do is go to the options within the game:

  • Open the menu with Esc
  • Click Settings at the bottom
  • Select the basic controls under the “Hotkeys” menu item
  • If you check or uncheck “Attack with right-click”, your mouse layout will change


You can also adjust your keyboard layout in the settings:

  • Open the menu with Esc
  • Click Settings at the bottom
  • Select the control and display under the menu item “Game Experience”
  • There you will find a dropdown menu for rearranging the keyboard layout

Then press Save and you can enjoy your new layout. Lost Ark headstarts on February 8th and the full release is on February 11th, 2022.


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