Lost Ark: Rudric location and how to defeat it

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We will tell you Rudric’s location, the first world boss in the ARPG MMO Lost Ark. You can find him in the Rethramis Borderlands of Rethramis. He is one of the many world bosses scattered around, and we will tell you, how to defeat him.

This is where you can find Rudric location in Lost Ark

Rudric’s Location: Rudric is located in the Rethramis Borderlands of the first continent, Rethramis. More precisely, you can find him there near the graveyard in the western part of the map.

Lost-ARK-RudricWho is Rudric? Rudric was a high priest of the Holy Sacrian Empire. However, he became fascinated with the chaotic powers of heresy and started exploring forbidden rituals. Before being executed by Sacrian Chapter, he cast a dark spell of resurrection on himself. The spell was not complete, and Rudric came back to life as a mindless husk.

He is now nothing but a monster, wandering around the graveyard, feeding on rotting corpses and absorbing lost souls.

  • Level: 17
  • Hit points: 1.034.510 x 23
  • Respawn-Timer: 30 Minutes.


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These are Rudric’s abilities

In the fight against Rudric, he uses different attacks:

  • Normal attacks with his scythe.
  • A charged attack with his scythe – Run out of the red area!
  • He regularly summons spirits that you should focus on.
  • Every once in a while, Rudric will start casting a fear. Recognizable by the purple circle around it. You either run out of the radius or approach him as a melee fighter.

If you skillfully dodge his abilities, Rudric doesn’t pose much of a threat. However, the summoned spirits are very disruptive in bulk and should be flattened first. At best, you don’t try the world boss alone, but defeat him with a group.

In total, you must inflict Rudric 23,793,730 damage in order for his 23 life bars to be fully drained.

You get these rewards from Rudric

Once you’ve defeated Rudric, you’ll receive epic gear that matches your class. Including jewelry, armor or weapons. Various treasure maps can also drop from the world boss.

  • Three pieces of epic gear (item level 95)
  • An Epic Accessory (iLvl 105)
  • A treasure map
  • A card from Rudric
  • Entry in the adventure book


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