Nightingale: How to Craft and Use Realm Cards

Published: Feb. 29, 2024
Updated: May. 19, 2024


Realm Cards is a unique mechanic for survival games that allows you to customize the game environment for different needs. We already have most of the Realm Cards in Nightingale, so we will show you how to craft and use them.

Content of the Guide: In this guide, you will learn how to craft and use Realm Cards in Nightingale.

  • You can craft Realm Cards with Paper, Ink, and sometimes with essence.
  • You need to build an Enchanter Focus with 1 Lumber, 2 Ingots, and 5 Glass.

How to Get Realm Cards

You can get Realm Cards by completing Fae Towers and Sites of Power. However, you will mostly have to craft them. The workbench you need for this is called Simple Enchanter's Focus. You can buy its schematic from Essence Trader, but it's worth the wait because you will eventually get it for free from Puck.

To craft Simple Enchanter's Focus, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 Lumber (crafting at the Saw Table)
  • 2 Ingots (crafting at the Smelter)
  • 5 Glass (crafting at the Smelter)
Simple Enchanter's Focus Nightingale

Here, you can see a Simple Enchanter's Focus crafting recipe.

Some Realm Cards you will get from Puck, some you will get by completing quests, but mostly you will buy them from Essence Traders. You can craft any Realm Card from the following materials:

  • Paper (crafting at the Saw Table from 2 Wood Bundles)
  • Ink (crafting at the Mortar Station from 1 Pigment and 1 Glass)

How to Use Realm Cards

Nightingale cards

A few of the many cards you can get and use in the game.

There are three types of cards in Nightingale:

  • Biome Cards: Determine the appearance of the Realm.
  • Major Cards: Determine the danger level of the Realm and the enemies you will encounter there.
  • Minor Cards: Provide various buffs within the Realm which, for example, help to farm certain items more easily, or increase certain stats such as speed, damage, or defense.

When you interact with the Realm Card Machine, you have to use the Biome Card and Major Card in it. After that, you can go through the portal to the Realm with the selected specifications.

You can use the Minor Card after you get to the new Realm. You can do this in the Realmic Transmuter that you will find on the map. When you find and interact with this device, you will be able to apply the effect of one Minor Card. You can get rid of it by using another card.

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