Nightingale: How to Craft Potions

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: May. 19, 2024


The path of Realmwalkers is dangerous, as you will face various hostile creatures, traps, and other life-threatening things. Therefore, when going to explore the new Realm, you need to take with you several Potions, which are quite difficult to brew at first in Nightingale.

Contents of the Guide: Next, you will learn how to craft Potions in Nightingale.

  • You need the Alchemical Boiler to craft Potions.
  • There you can craft different Healing Potions with essence dust, corals, bones, and glass.

How to Craft Potions in Nightingale

Healing Potion Nightingale

One of many potions you can craft in the game.

As in most other survival titles, you cannot brew Potions directly in your inventory. Instead, you need to use the Alchemical Boiler to craft Potions in Nightingale. It has several versions:

  • Simple Alchemical Boiler - For simple Potions.
  • Refined Alchemical Boiler - For Potions with more complex effects.

Having built one of these, you need to interact with it, like with other stations in the game. In the crafting window, you will find all the available Potions recipes. After this, you will only need to place the necessary ingredients in the slots, as well as fuel to craft a Potion in Nightingale. And of course, you can do several at a time.

How to Get Alchemical Boiler in Nightingale

As we said, the Alchemical Boiler has several options. In addition to the Potions available for crafting, they also differ in how they are unlocked.

Simple Alchemical Boiler

Simple Alchemical Boiler Nightingale

Simple Alchemical Boiler schematic.

  • Find any Essence Traders.
  • Buy a Simple Alchemical Boiler from them.
  • Collect the necessary resources, namely 4 Lumber, 3 Ore, and 3 Twine.

As a result, we received the first Alchemical Boiler. In addition, the bonus is the unlocking of several Potions recipes, namely:

  • Water Bottle
  • Slight Curative Potion
  • Slight Restful Potion
  • Slight Healing Potion

Refined Alchemical Boiler

Refined Alchemical Boiler Nightingale

Refined Alchemical Boiler schematic.

With the Refined Alchemical Boiler, everything is a little more complicated, since its schematics can only be purchased from a few Essence Traders. We recommend you visit these:

  • Forest Hunt Essence Trader
  • Desert Gloom Essence Trader
  • Desert Herbarium Essence Trader
  • Swamp Provisioner Essence Trader
  • Swamp Herbarium Essence Trader

Then, you will need to collect rarer resources to build the station:

  • 2 Water Bottles
  • 4 Lumber
  • 3 Etched Ingot

And just like with Simple Alchemical Boiler, you will automatically unlock several Potions recipes:

  • Moderate Curative Potion
  • Moderate Healing Potion
  • Moderate Restful Potion
  • Slight Curative Potion

How to Get More Recipe Potions in Nightingale

Various Essence Traders scattered throughout different Realms will sell you potion recipes in Nightingale. It is important to note that different Traders sell early recipes. So if you want to collect them all, you have to visit many Realms.

That's all you need to know about how to craft Potions in Nightingale. Potions will help you both in exploring the Realms and in battle with enemies. So you should always have a few with you.

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