Nightingale: How to Learn and Use Spells

Published: Apr. 12, 2024
Updated: May. 19, 2024


In Nightingale, you can use powerful spells, but they don't work the same way as in other games, so players often don't know how to use them. We've reached the point in the game where we can craft and cast spells, and we will show you how.

Contents of the Guide: In this guide, you will learn how to learn and cast spells in Nightingale.

  • You can craft spells at the Simple Enchantmer's Focus workbench.
  • You need to enchant the spells to your weapon or tools to be able to use the three different types of spells (T1 to T3).

Nightingale: How to Get Spells

Simple Enchanter's Focus Nightingale

Simple Enchanter's Focus crafting recipe.

Spells in Nightingale are called Enchantments. You can craft them on the same workbench as cards, namely on Simple Enchanter's Focus and its refined and excellent versions. Like most other items, you can buy Spell blueprints from Essence Traders. For this, you have to visit them in different Realms and biomes.

One of the first spells you can buy is Recovery Recipe, a spell that can heal you. You can buy its blueprint from Swamp Antiquarian Essence Trader and craft it with Weak Human Seal and 30 Essence Dust.

Nightingale: How to Use Spells

To use spells, you have to enchant them to a weapon or tool, which can be done in your inventory. Depending on the tier of the weapon, you have a different number of slots for spells.

  • T1 (uncommon): 1 Spell.
  • T2 (rare): 2 Spells.
  • T3 (epic): 3 Spells.

Now that you have assigned Spells to your weapon, you can use them in combat. Hold down R on the keyboard or RB on the gamepad to use them. After that, you will see a wheel where you can select the active Spell. To apply it, press R and then press the attack button.

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