Palworld: How to Find and Use Horn

Published: Feb. 01, 2024
Updated: Feb. 01, 2024


Throughout your survival in Palworld, you will definitely need Horns for certain recipes. That's why we've seen firsthand the effectiveness of the best Horns farming method, and we're ready to share it with you. So in this article, you will learn how to find and use Horns in Palworld.

Contents of the Guide: This guide covers the best method of farming Horns in Palworld, and how to use this item.

  • First, we'll walk you through all the Pals you can get Horns from.
  • Then you will learn about the best method of farming this item.
  • And finally, we will discuss for what Horns are used for in Palworld.

Palworld: How to Find Horns

Palworld Horns

Horns that you can use to craft many useful items.

Below, you will learn about the two methods of farming Horns in Palworld:

Farm Horns From Pals

Horns drops from the following Pals:

  • Arsox
  • Caprity
  • Eikthydeer
  • Eikthydeer Terra
  • Fenglope
  • Incineram
  • Incineram Noct
  • Reindrix
  • Univolt

However, if you want to maximize the efficiency of collecting Horns, then prioritize these Pals:

  • Eikthydeer
  • Caprity
Palworld Eikthydeer spawn locations

Locations where you can find Eikthydeers.

Let's have a look at the best Horns farming technique using the example of Eikthydeer. Your task is to hunt as many Eikthydeers as possible. To accomplish this, just use fast travel to different locations of this Pal's spawn points. For your convenience, we've listed all these locations in the screenshot above.

Buy Horns From Merchants

There is also another method to farm Horns. You can buy this item from merchants located throughout Palworld. The price for one Horn will be 300 Gold, so think twice before buying it, as the method presented above is less resource intensive and does not require much time. The most convenient merchant is located in the Small Settlement.

Palworld: How to Use Horns

In Palworld, you will often need Horns to craft many items. Most likely, you will make all kinds of medical supplies. Horns are also useful for crafting saddles and potions. Here are all the items you can craft with Horns:

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