Palworld: How to Find and Use Precious Pelt

Published: Jan. 23, 2024
Updated: Jan. 23, 2024

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As you explore the Palworld, you will find and receive many resources, and on of them is the valuable Precious Pelt. We learned everything about it to help you understand how to find and use Precious Pelt in Palworld.

All you need to know about Precious Pelt (TLDR):

  • You get Precious Pelt from defeating World Bosses.
  • There is no known crafting with Precious Pelt.
  • The best thing to do is sell the Pelt to Wandering Merchants.

How to get Precious Pelt in Palworld?

We have explored the world for a long time and can say for sure that there is only one way to get Precious Pelt, and that is to defeat world bosses. As you progress in the game and explore the world, you will find about 40 of them, both on the surface and in dungeons. These bosses also drop Ancient Civilization Parts which you need to build Ancient Technology. In the screenshot below, you can see several locations with such bosses, and for each player, their location is the same.

Palworld: map
The marked Bosses on this map show you where to get Precious Pelt.

The main problem is that if you have a low level, it will be difficult to defeat such bosses, so first you will need to carefully prepare. Luckily, these bosses can be of different levels, so if you can't defeat one, it's better to find another with a level roughly equivalent to yours. The weakest boss you can get Precious Pelt from is Chillet of level 11, and you can see its exact location in the screenshot above. Before you go into battle, here are some tips that will help you in battle or come in handy:

  • Counter Elements: Gather a team of good Pals whose elements dominate over the boss's. This way, your Pals can deal more damage and critical hits to the boss, and take less damage.
  • Ranged weapons: Be sure to take a ranged weapon, such as a bow, crossbow, or guns if you already have them. Melee isn't the best way to fight a boss, so bringing a ranged weapon will make the battle much easier.
  • Catch the boss: Try not to kill, but to catch the boss, as it will be a great addition to your Pals collection. Usually, bosses are bigger and stronger than their normal forms, and if anything, they'll be great candidates for fusion.
Palworld chillet
here we defeated the boss Chillet in order to get some Precious Pelt

When you finally defeat or capture a boss, you will get a Precious Pelt. It's worth noting that not all bosses drop this item, but bosses like Chillet and Kingpaca definitely do.

How to use Precious Pelt in Palworld?

Palworld: Precious Pelt
You can sell Precious Pelt for a lot of money.

Despite the incredibly complicated method of obtaining this item, it has no value for crafting and is not needed as the other resources in Palworld. Precious Pelt is not used in any item crafting or structure building. Although, it would be logical if it was needed to create armor. Instead, the only thing Precious Pelt is used for is selling. Grab all the supplies and run to a Small Settlement because this is where you can find a local trader instead of looking for those traveling around the world.

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