Palworld: How to Get Strange Juice

Published: Jan. 26, 2024
Updated: Jan. 26, 2024


Strange Juice is a consumable in Palworld that you can use on your Pals to increase their work efficiency on base. It's a fairly rare and demanded item, so you'll need to work hard to get it.

Content of the guide: Next you will learn what are the ways to get Strange Juice.

  • Explanation of which Pal drops Strange Juice and how to find it.
  • Learn how to craft Strange Juice manually with the Medieval Medicine Workbench.

How to Obtain Strange Juice in Palworld

There are generally two methods of obtaining this consumable. Strange Juice can either be a drop from a specific Pal or be crafted, so let's talk about it in more detail.

Catch or Defeat Lovander

Palworld Lovander

All the information about Lovander, including the map with its spawn locations.

The first and more difficult method is to catch or defeat Lovander. For beginners, it will be quite difficult to find this Pal because it does not spawn near the starting locations. In the screenshot above, you can see exactly where they spawn, so when you're ready, you can go. It's worth noting that Lovander spawns only at night, so don't even try to find it during the day. Fortunately, it's not difficult to defeat or catch this Pal because they are usually not high level and attack using skills that are not hard to dodge.

You can also encounter Lovander during raids on your base. These Pals will often attack you in groups, so be prepared to fight back. We recommend not defeating but catching Lovander because, in addition to expanding your Pals collection, it will also be very useful on the base, as it can perform various jobs.

Craft It on the Medieval Medicine Workbench

Palworld Strange Juice

Strange Juice recipe in the Medieval Medicine Workbench.

An alternative and easier way would be to create this consumable manually. Strange Juice belongs to medicines, so to craft it, you will need to build the Medieval Medicine Workbench. This structure can be unlocked in the Technology tab when you reach level 12. Luckily, the resources required to build this structure are not rare and you can easily gather them:

  • Palladium Fragment x10
  • Wood x30

Once you've built the Medieval Medicine Workbench, approach and interact with it to view the available recipes. Strange Juice is the last one, it looks like a jar of purple liquid. To craft this consumable, you will need the following resources:

  • Pal Fluid x2
  • Bone x2
  • Horn x5
  • Beautiful Flower x5

Each of these resources can be obtained by killing or capturing certain Pals, so get your swords and spheres ready and head out on a journey. Once you craft Strange Juice, you can feed it to one of your Pals. Here is the effect it provides, according to the item description:

Juice that greatly improves mood when consumed. Drinking it significantly increases work speed for a period of time, but significantly lower SAN.

As you can see, this consumable increases work efficiency but lowers SAN, so don't overuse it to keep your Pal healthy.

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