Path of Exile: The Trials for the Eternal Labyrinth - How to complete them

Published: Dec. 15, 2020
Updated: Feb. 15, 2021

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In Path of Exile, you have to complete six special trials for the Eternal Labyrinth, a randomly generated dungeon for high-level players. Here's how to prepare.

This is the eternal labyrinth: For the highest labyrinth version, you need level 60. You can find the six different trials randomly in the maps for the atlas. As a reward for the trials, you will also receive the "Offering to the Goddess". Entering the eternal labyrinth costs one offering each.

Special feature of the eternal labyrinth: On your way through the story you should have already completed the trials for the first three labyrinths. Unlike the first trials, the versions for the eternal labyrinth are much more difficult to find and are also a lot more deadly.

As soon as you start exploring the atlas and running maps, you have the chance to find one of the six trials on your map. Which of the six it will ultimately be, however, is completely random.

That's the annoying thing about it: It can mean that you have to search for a long time to finally unlock them all. So not only do you have to find a trial in the first place, but it also has to be one that you haven't completed yet. But fear not: there are a few tricks you can use to make your search a lot easier.

  • Use the prophecy "The Dream Trial" to increase your chance of finding a trial on your map. You can get them either through the NPC Navali or by trading with other players.
  • Join the in-game chat 820 by entering "/ global 820" in your chat window and confirming with Enter. There you can ask about special trials or whisper directly to people who have it on their map and are offering it. If you want to be one of the good guys, give your helpers a little pocket money as a thank you!
  • Sometimes the NPC Zana offers you as a mission goal to complete a trial on the map.

These are the trials for the eternal labyrinth

On the Aspirant's Plaza in front of the entrance to the labyrinth, as well as in front of the trials in the maps, you will find an overview of your completed trials.

PoE-Labyrinth Prüfung auf Map (klein)

    1. Trial of Piercing Truth (left, top): Here there are mainly spikes that dig into your feet from the ground. Either at regular intervals or activated by pressure plates, they let you suffer 25% of your effective life per activation (life + energy shield) in damage. They also block the way when they are active. Memorize the activation patterns and move precisely between the active traps.
    2. Trial of Swirling Fear (left, center): The main topic here is the rotating cylinder with spikes. If you stand too close to them, you will quickly take physical damage. Memorize the movement patterns here too and keep an eye out for safe places to pause. Try to cross the traps in the opposite direction of their movement in order to only take damage as short as possible.
    3. Trial of Crippling Grief (left, bottom): circular saws that move back and forth in paths are waiting for you here. Look for switches to keep the circular saws from moving back and forth. Use your mobility skills to get over the traps and if necessary only cross the saws against the direction of movement.
    4. Trial of Burning Rage (right, top): Lava rises in some areas at regular intervals and you take permanent fire damage. The slowing down aura often occurs here in combination with the "incessant danger" (see Guardian Traps). If necessary, use the regularly spawning skeletons to generate charges for your vials.
    5. Trial of Lingering Pain (right, center): Similar to the spinning cylinders, the traps here are wider and also move through the air. Memorize their routes here as well, look for safe spots before moving through the traps and destroy the auras where possible.
    6. Trial of Stinging Doubt (right, bottom): In this Trial, you will mainly be confronted with arrows shooting out of the walls or pylons. These do damage and slow you down for a period of time. These traps are often combined with spike traps that block your path. They hold you down and cause additional damage. Memorizing the rhythm only helps to a limited extent, as there is a high probability that you will still be hit. So try to work with your mobility and plan your path in advance.

Additional danger: the sentinel traps

These are the sentinel traps: In addition to the main traps in a trial, there are pylons that have different effects in their radius on the player. They can be disabled for a short time by dealing enough damage to them. The guardian traps appear only in the trials for the eternal labyrinth and in the eternal labyrinth itself.

PoE Labyrinth Prüfung Falle

  • Endless Drought (Activation): Removes charges from your flasks
  • Endless Hazard (green aura): As soon as you use a movement skill in this aura, you suffer ~ 20% of your life as damage several times.
  • Endless Pain (green aura with protective shield): While you are in this aura, you receive 50% increased damage.
  • Endless Sting (activation): Causes bleeding. You will take more bleeding damage the more you move with this debuff.
  • Unending Fire (Activation): Casts a Fire Nova that deals damage to you. Fire damage can ignite you and add damage to you over time.
  • Unending Frost (activation): Casts Ice Nova. Frost damage can slow you down.
  • Unending Lethargy (purple aura): In this area, you will be able to move and attack / do magic more slowly. See screenshot above, left side.
  • Unending Storm (activation): conjures up shock nova, which can also give you a debuff that lets you suffer 20% more damage. See screenshot above, right side.

Which of the trials do you think is the hardest and why? Comment right below!

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