Starfield: How Religions and Faiths Work

Published: Sep. 15, 2023
Updated: Feb. 14, 2024

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What are the religions in Starfield, what defines them, and what are the benefits of following a faith? This guide will enlighten you.

Everything about religions in Starfield (TLDR):

  • The game features three distinct religions: The Enlightened, Sanctum Universum, and House Va'ruun.
  • To belong to a religion, you need to choose a specific trait in the character editor, such as "Raised Enlightened."
  • Being part of a religion mainly unlocks new dialogue options.
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These Religions are Available in Starfield

Starfield presents a universe brimming with possibilities, one of which you'll encounter right during character creation. There, you can choose whether you'd like to belong to one of the religions.

There are three playable religions in Starfield. There are other religions in the story, some of which are even based on our real-life faiths, but they are not selectable for your own character. The following ones, on the other hand, you can choose yourself:

The Enlightened

This "religion" is actually not a religion at all. Rather, the enlightened are atheists who believe in no God. Instead, they see themselves more as pro-science humanists who want to advance enlightenment and do good by earthly means.


There are many references to reality in Starfield. Here the Martian face, represented in Stafield's city of Cydonia, which fascinated people for a long time, but eventually turned out to be a mountain formation.

Sanctum Universum

This one is reminiscent of some of our real-life beliefs. The Sanctum universe has only existed for 20 years, and followers believe in a god who is also supposed to be somewhere in the universe. Moreover, he is supposed to call people to him, which is why the believers now travel through space to find him.

House Va'ruun

This is a fanatical cult in Starfield. The disciples believe that a serpent god will eat all non-believers as soon as it has embraced the entire universe. The Va'ruun followers are therefore skeptical, if not openly hostile, to the followers of other faiths.

How do I Join a Religion?

You can only join a religion during character creation, not afterwards. To do so, choose one of the according character traits:

  • The Enlightened: "Raised Enlightened"
  • Sanctum Universum: "Raised Universally"
  • House Va'ruun: "Serpent's Embrace"

What is the Benefit of Religion in Starfield?

Don't worry about it too much. The choice of faith doesn't have much influence on how your game will play out. You only have a few special dialog options to choose from, which can be helpful in some conversations. You'll also get a few religion-specific bonuses, but they won't weigh heavily. So you can simply choose the faith that you find the most interesting.

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