Starfield: How to Start a Romance With Sarah Morgan

Published: Sep. 05, 2023
Updated: Apr. 18, 2024

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Throughout your journey in Starfield, you'll have the chance to form romantic relationships with various NPCs and even marry them. One such character is Sarah Morgan, the leader of the Constellation.

Beginning a romance with Sarah Morgan (TLDR):

  • Find Sarah at the Lodge, which is the headquarters of the Constellation, located in New Atlantis.
  • Engage in conversations with her as frequently as possible, paying close attention to act in line with her preferences and aversions.
  • By doing so, you'll eventually unlock her personal quest, "In Memoriam." Completing this quest will give you the opportunity to confess your love to Sarah.
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This is Sarah Morgan in Starfield

As mentioned before, Sarah Morgan is the leader of the Constellation, one of the factions in Starfield. As a veteran of the Colonial War, she is an instrumental crew member and a multi-faceted companion. You'll find Sarah in the lodge in New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies on the planet Jemison. As a companion, Sarah Morgan brings the following abilities:

  • Astrodynamics ++++
  • Lasers +++
  • Leadership ++
  • Botany +

Starfield Sarah Morgan Stats

How to Start a Romance With Sarah Morgan

If you want to get closer to the veteran and maybe even marry her in the end, you can do it this way:

  • Choose Sarah as your companion and travel around the galaxy with her as often as you can.
  • Act in such a way that you win her affection (the game will show you what Sarah thinks of your decisions every time in the upper right corner).

Starfield Sarah Morgen Conversation

  • After some time you can start the quest "In Memoriam" by talking to her. (How to Find the Waterfall in New Atlantis)
  • After completing this mission, you can tell her in a conversation that you love her, making her your partner.
  • During the following dialogues you can pick the option that you want to spend your future together with her.
  • A few hours later, she will approach you and you can start the quest "Commitment: Sarah Morgan".
  • A glittering wedding on a beach in Paradiso will follow.

After the wedding with Sarah, she will bring you items and equipment more frequently. Of course, you can also part with Sarah Morgan again and look for another companion as a partner.

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