The Day Before Studio Closes: How to Get a Guaranteed Refund on Steam

Published: Dec. 12, 2023
Updated: Dec. 12, 2023

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The Day Before Studio has officially closed its doors, and as a result, active development on the survival game 'The Day Before' has been halted. We'll guide you on how to request a refund on Steam, even if you've played the game for more than 2 hours.

Here's what our guide covers:

  • How to request a Steam refund for 'The Day Before,' even if you've played for more than 2 hours.
  • Official statements from developer Fntastic and publisher Mytona regarding the current situation.

How to Request a Steam Refund for The Day Before

With Fntastic officially closing its doors and 'The Day Before' likely not receiving further development, it makes sense to seek a refund. Typically, you can only refund games on Steam if you've played less than 2 hours. However, there is now an official exception for 'The Day Before,' thanks to Mytona, the publisher.

To request a refund, visit Simply select 'The Day Before' from the list of games and choose the reason 'It's not what I expected.' Next, you can select that you would like a refund. Then, you can choose one of the provided reasons for the refund, or even better, select 'My issue is not listed' and enter the following explanation into the text field:

"The studio has recently shut down, and development has come to a halt. It appears that this whole endeavor was a scam. Most of my time was spent in the server browser, and I didn't actually get to play the game much. I experienced multiple fatal crashes when I did manage to enter the game. Furthermore, there are allegations online that the game's map was sourced from the Unreal Engine asset store, indicating a scam even during the development phase, which I was unaware of when I initially bhought the game. I appreciate your assistance with this matter!"

Thanks to the publisher Mytona, you shouldn't encounter any issues when requesting a refund for the game on Steam.

Mytona Response

Publisher Mytona is collaborating with Steam to approve all refunds.

What happens now with The Day Before?

One week after the official and heavily criticized Early Access release of The Day Before, developer Fntastic has spoken out. The studio is officially closing its doors due to The Day Before being a financial failure. This marks Fntastic's fourth game that they have put on hold in the midst of the Early Access phase, with their last title, "Propnight," also having received no updates for a long time.


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Now, with the studio closing down, the servers will remain online for the time being, but the future of The Day Before is uncertain. Fntastic will definitely not continue developing the title, but the publisher Mytona could potentially engage another developer to take over. Given all the criticism and accusations that all in-game assets were purchased from the Unreal Engine Store, a new developer should ideally redesign the game from scratch and introduce unique features to set it apart from other survival MMOs and extraction shooters.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the situation in the comments. We will keep you updated on this topic, and if you're looking for a cool gaming community, consider visiting our Discord (via Linktree).

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