Dreamlight Valley: Gaston's Center of Attention [Quest Guide]

Published: Dec. 11, 2023
Updated: Dec. 11, 2023

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Our editor, Alex, has been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley since the beginning of the Early Access. Here, he explains how you can solve Gaston's quest, "Center of Attention."

In this guide, you'll find out:

  • Whether Gaston's quests require the purchase of the "A Rift in Time" DLC.
  • What you need to do to complete Gaston's quest, "Center of Attention."

Gaston is not Included in the Vanilla Version

Dreamlight Valley Gaston Center of Attantion Quest Guide

To unlock Gaston in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must own the recently released "A Rift in Time" DLC, available for $30 on Steam. This guide pertains to Gaston's quest, "Center of Attention," meaning you must have the villain unlocked to play this story. How to achieve this is explained in this guide.

In the quest discussed here, Gaston has spent some time in the Glittering Dunes of Disney Dreamlight Valley after the Forgetting. Now, the attention-seeking strongman needs your help. Specifically, you are to procure the right ingredients and materials to repair Gaston's lodge, and you're also expected to prepare him a delicious meal. But you don't mind doing that, do you?

Dreamlight Valley: Solve Gaston's "Center of Attention"

First and foremost, it should be noted that both the Grove and the Promenade must be accessible for Gaston's quest, "Center of Attention." If in doubt, you may need to collect several thousand units of mist. To begin this second-level friendship quest, talk to Gaston.

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The good man will then express his frustration about having no place to stay. Gaston used to have his own lodge, but the Forgetting took everything from him. Now, visit Gaston's lodge in the Wastes, where you talk to the owner again. Following this, you receive the friendly order to clean up the entire place.

For this, take out a shovel, as you need to remove a lot of sand. Cleaning the house also includes restoring the portrait there using the Royal Hourglass.

Collect the Gemstones and Resources

Next, Gaston sends you out to collect gemstones and exchange them with Scrooge McDuck for furniture. The required gemstones are:

  • Alexandrite: Found in the Wastes and the Oasis.
  • Jade: Obtained in the Courtyard and the Overlook.
  • Spinel: Can be acquired on the Promenade as well as in the Grove.

Once your task is complete, return to Gaston. He will be pleased and promptly send you out again to gather even more materials for the house's restoration. This time, it involves:

  • Oasis Glass: Head to the Glittering Dunes and dig into the ground with the shovel.
  • Copper: Obtainable anywhere on Eternity Isle by either removing copper rock piles or mining gem spots using the pickaxe.
  • Tropical Wood: Found, for example, lying on the ground in the Grasslands or in the Wild Tangle biome.
Dreamlight Valley Gaston Center of Attantion Quest Guide 03

Interact with Scrooge's shield to restore Gaston's home. (Disney Dreamlight Valley, Image: Akifini)

After collecting all of this, return to Gaston. Once you've handed him the materials, you need to interact with Scrooge McDuck's sign in front of the house, as usual, to begin the reconstruction.

Unlock Gaston's Stand

If you thought Gaston would be content with his house, you thought wrong. Now, your employer wants to supply the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley with poultry, game, and pork. For money, of course, and thus through a sales stand.

However, this gets a bit more complicated:

  1. First, inspect the "Freezer of Infinite Meat" manual in your inventory, which was given to you by the Beast.
  2. Equip the hourglass tool and search for freezer fragments in the suggested biomes in the Wild Tangle. There are no fixed locations for the fragments, so just keep searching for treasures until they appear.
  3. Interact with Scrooge McDuck's sign near the stand. Only restore the top shelf to unlock poultry, game, and pork.
Dreamlight Valley Gaston Center of Attantion Quest Guide 02

You can make the Fridge of Infinite Meat at a workbench. (Disney Dreamlight Valley, Image: Akifini)

And now, Even More Cooking

Gaston appreciates your kindness noticeably, as now he wants you to cook four (!) two-star meat-based meals to host a house party. Well, two-star dishes aren't particularly difficult to prepare because you can simply experiment with ingredients.

After handing Gaston the dishes, your final task is to talk to some of the party guests in the house. This concludes the "Center of Attention" quest.

Dreamlight Valley Gaston Center of Attantion Quest Guide 01

Is this supposed to be a party? (Disney Dreamlight Valley, Image: Akifini)

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been available since December 5th for PC (Steam), macOS, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch. The full version is priced at 40 dollars on all platforms, with the DLC “A Rift in Time” costing an additional 30 dollars.


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