Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: The Best Weapons for Wood Build

Published: Mar. 24, 2023
Updated: Mar. 24, 2023

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In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty you have a choice of 5 different powers, and in this guide series we'll show you which weapons are the best for which powers. We'll start with the strongest weapons for a wood power build.

What's it about? Wo Long Fallen Dynasty promises to offer the right fighting style for every type of player with a total of 27 different weapon types. However, not all weapons fit each of the 5 elemental powers, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. But that's why you have Guided, and we're going to show you the best weapons for the Wood build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

These weapons will give you the strongest wood build in Wo Long Dynasty.

What can the Wood Power do? Leveling the Wood Power in Wo Long Dynasty mainly affects your health and the will lost on hits. In addition, the Wood Power increases the spell duration. The total HP pool is increased the most by wood and is therefore good for tanky builds.

1. Ring Pommel Sabre

  • Attack Power: 494
  • Base Attack: 241
  • Attack Bonus: Wood (A+), Fire (C-) and Water (-A)
Spirit Attack 25
Spirit Attack (Guarding) 13
Spirit Defensive (Guarding) 11
Deflect Difficulty 117,6 %


2. Bronze Polearm Mace

  • Attack Power: 548
  • Base Attack: 246
  • Attack bonus: Wood (A+), Earth (A-), Metal (C-)
Spirit Attack 26
Spirit Attack (Guarding) 14
Spirit Defensive (Guarding) 20
Deflect Difficulty 100 %


3. Bronze Sword

  • Attack Power: 503
  • Base Attack: 238
  • Attack bonus: Wood (A+), Fire (C-), Metal (C-)
Spirit Attack 34
Spirit Attack (Guarding) 20
Spirit Defensive (Guarding) 19
Deflect Difficulty 96,1 %


4. Five Colored Cudgel

  • Attack Power: 490
  • Base Attack: 238
  • Attack bonus: Wood (A+), Metal (A-), Water (C-)
Spirit Attack 29
Spirit Attack (Guarding) 18
Spirit Defensive (Guarding) 17
Deflect Difficulty 103 %

wo-long-five-colored-cudgel5. Cavalry Speer

  • Attack Power: 540
  • Base Attack: 256
  • Attack bonus: Wood (A+), Earth (C-), Water (A-)
Spirit Attack 35
Spirit Attack (Guarding) 22
Spirit Defensive (Guarding) 22
Deflect Difficulty 94,3 %

wo-long-cavalry-javelin6. White Wooden Cudgel

  • Attack Power: 485
  • Base Attack: 235
  • Attack bonus: Wood (A+), Metal (A-), Water (C-)
Spirit Attack 26
Spirit Attack (Guarding) 14
Spirit Defensive (Guarding) 20
Deflect Difficulty 100 %


The Best Spells for the Best Wood Virtue Build in Wo Long

Wood power spells focus mainly on healing you. They can also cure you of persistent and harmful status effects like poisoning. Therefore, we recommend the following spells to optimize your wood build:

  • Absorb Vitality: You and your companions gain health points for the damage you deal to your enemies.
  • Cleanse: Heals you and nearby companions of all negative status effects. Also reduces the effect of new status effects over time, except Metal.

This was our weapon choice for the strongest wood build in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. In the following list you can find more guides to the best weapons and builds:

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