Atomic Heart: How to Solve the Perspectives Puzzle in the Exhibition Centre

Published: Mar. 24, 2023
Updated: Mar. 24, 2023

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There are a lot of riddles and puzzles to solve in Atomic Heart, and today we'll tell you how to solve the perspective puzzle in the Exhibition Centre to get Claire's left leg.

What it's about: In Atomic Heart, you progress mainly through the use of violence, but there are also a number of puzzles, some of which are difficult to solve. In addition to the mirror puzzle with magnets, there is also the perspective puzzle in the exhibition centre. We will tell you step by step how to solve the puzzle.

Solve the Perspectives Puzzle in Atomic Heart – This is How it Works

In the Exhibition Centre you will come across Claire and try to find all her body parts. This includes the left leg. You can find it by solving the perspective puzzle.

How the Perspective Puzzle Works in Atomic Hearts

First, we will explain how the puzzle works. In the following three sections, red wheels look like valves. If you turn them, you change the room next to them.

Note: There are four positions per valve, which are indicated by the number of dots. In the following guide, we will always indicate the number of dots at the top of the valve.

Start the Perspective Puzzle in the Exhibition Centre

Start the puzzle in front of a room that blocks your way. Turn the valve and you will see the room behind it turn. Turn the wheel until the three dots are at the top. The room in front of you is now turned so you can walk through it and enter a laboratory on the other side.

Change the room until you can walk through it.

How to Get Through the Lab Rooms in the Perspectives Puzzle

When you arrive in the lab, you have to move not just one room, but two. But be careful, there are some enemies waiting for you. Use the first valve, which is in front of both rooms, and turn the wheel until the room appears, which itself contains a valve. There should only be one point at the top. Enter the first room and turn the valve that changes the second room until there is a dot on top. The second room now looks like an office.

Go back to the valve in front of the two rooms and turn until the two rooms connect. Now just go through the corridor and climb up over two filing cabinets at the end of the office.

Here You Can Find the Exit in the Perspective Puzzle

In the last section you have to defeat some enemies again and afterwards you can solve the last perspective puzzle. Turn the valve until you see the classroom in front of you. You should now see the two dots above. Look for a hole in the classroom through which you can jump down. In the next step, turn the wheel until you see magnets on both sides. Climb up over the magnets. There you will find another valve.

Turn the valve and the whole platform turns and you fall down. Turn slightly to the left and climb up the yellow pipe. On the opposite side you can jump onto the ledge and have successfully solved the puzzle.


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