Fear TWD continues: “Madison” blocked on Twitter as a spoiler

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Fear The Walking Dead continues today on April 12th and AMC is putting the word “Madison” on a blacklist due to the risk of spoilers. For fans the ultimate proof Madison Clark returns. We clarify why that can be.

Are the speculations true? The Twitter community is in an uproar, because the broadcaster AMC and all participating official The Walking Dead accounts list “Madison” on their spoiler list. You should put this on your blocklist so that all tweets that use this name are blocked. But what is it all about and does that really confirm the return of the superwoman Madison Clark?

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“Madison” on spoiler list – She comes back in Fear The Walking Dead

Long-cherished wish: Fans of Fear The Walking Dead have long wanted the former series leader Madison Clark to return. In the fourth season, she supposedly had to give up the spoon when she blew herself up together with the stadium.

But since the teaest station AMC it has been returning again and again. Actress Kim Dickens has also mentioned several times that she would return, if offered. It’s not for nothing that her last episode is called “Nobody’s gone, until they’re gone”.

That speaks for it: Of course, fans of Fear The Walking Dead are now, even more, speculating on a possible return of Madison Clark. Because transmitter AMC and all partner accounts on Twitter block the word “Madison” and put the name on a spoiler list.

The last tangible reference to Madison’s return is a Comicbook.com interview with show runners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss. Here they were asked about Madison’s recurrence, even if it’s a flashback. Chambliss said:

“(…) That is definitely something we are talking about”

That was not enough for interviewer Kirsten Acuna, which is why she was more direct and asked if Madison was really dead. Ian Goldberg was a bit more precise here:

“Well, we never saw her body and Madison herself said no one’s gone, until they’re gone.”

We still don’t know who actually saved Morgan from bleeding to death on the church steps. It doesn’t seem to have been one of the well-known characters. Maybe that was Madison?


Spoiler list only as a warning against disappointment?

It could be like this: Even if many fans – and we – hope Madison returns, being on the official anti-bogus list can mean something different. So it doesn’t really have to be a return from Madison to Fear The Walking Dead.

The opposite is the case, because if Kim Dickens does not appear as Madison Clark in the eighth episode of the sixth season Fear The Walking Dead, it would probably cause a lot of disappointed tweets. AMC just might not want fans who haven’t seen the episode to be disappointed and not tune in.

Your opinion: But what do you think, is Madison returning today or is it all just a deception? Let us know what you think in the comments (no registration required)


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