DayZ Roadmap 2021: New Dangers, Smart Zombies & More

Published: Apr. 12, 2021
Updated: Apr. 12, 2021

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The DayZ roadmap for 2021 doesn't seem long, but it does offer a surprising amount of new content. You can now find out what exactly awaits you this year.

New plans: The DayZ roadmap from 2020 was mostly about improving the stability of the game. The updates brought little news. But things will look different in 2021, and you can look forward to great new features and a lot of content. There is still no trace of a feature that all DayZ fans want.

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DayZ Roadmap for 2021 - This is what awaits you this year

General information on the roadmap: This year a total of 5 updates are to be published. Two of them (1.11 & 1.12) have already been published. That means 3 DayZ updates will follow. There should also be at least 2 more wipes. But now to the novelties!

1. New dangers from the environment

The first changes have already been made: The point of the new dangers, that the DayZ game world brings to its survivors, is very cryptic. Adam Francu (lead designer & Namalsk inventor) does not comment on this.

However, in late 2020, we were given an example. Because with update 1.09, not only the new Namalsk map was introduced, but also a strong focus on temperatures. But what's new to come? We personally don't believe in heatwaves. But that means the weather is already out.

That could come: Years ago there was already talk of the Tisy military base becoming a contaminated or contaminated zone that can only be entered with the appropriate equipment.

A hint is the many gas masks and protective suits that are already available in DayZ. But that is not really confirmed.


2. New weapons & equipment

This is coming: The DayZ team is planning to implement many weapons from the legacy version of DayZ (2013 - 2018) in the current version of the game again this year. But that's not all, because completely new guns should also celebrate their debut.

Last you could see that at the AS Val or the Desert Eagle. Both very powerful weapons that should be further balanced in the future - more on that later.

3. PvPve Balancing will be improved

Fewer deaths: The fight against infected people, animals, or humans should also be improved. If you have already played the DayZ version 1.12 (the current one is on the experimental stage), then you surely know what we are talking about:

  • Players should die less often and faint more often in PvP
  • Zombies hit faster and harder
  • It's harder to block attacks
  • Stealth kills against zombies are said to be more effective
  • Infected people are less likely to be attracted by silenced shots

4. Infected people become smarter

Big Brain Game: You read that right, the infected people in DayZ should get smarter in 2021. They will therefore be able to react better to their surroundings. Noises from doors, eating and reloading will attract you just as much as various light sources.


Further changes to the DayZ Roadmap 2021

  • Player controller: Players should be able to better identify the ailments their character has. Illness, injuries, as well as hunger and thirst, should then be better understood.
    UI adjustments: This is mainly about the respawn menu. This is to be revised in a way that is not described in detail.
  • Events: There should be more seasonal events in DayZ this year. These include holidays or culturally important days such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween, and the like.
  • Modding scene: The last thing mentioned in the post on the DayZ Roadmap 2021 is the further support for modders and creators. The development team will be more than happy to help keep this scene alive.

This feature is again missing from the DayZ roadmap

We had hoped: Once again, many DayZ fans will be disappointed. For many, THE feature that DayZ is still missing. We are of course talking about helicopters, airplanes and boats.

A long time ago the first pictures were shared showing a Little Bird and an Antonov AN-2. Boats are also in short supply. It is true that the PC community has cleverly avoided this problem - be careful - and bypassed it, the console players are still sitting on dry land - Jesus, this violence of jokes.

Unfortunately, we dare to doubt at this point whether there will ever be helicopters or boats in the vanilla version of the game. But maybe in DayZ 2 (wink).


Sascha Asendorf is the co-founder of and has been running online magazines in the gaming sector since 2013. Starting with a strong focus on survival games, Sascha now deals a lot with role-playing games and is an expert on survival and RPG titles like Conan Exiles, Baldurs Gate 3 & Cyberpunk 2077.
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Vanilla should never have helicopters. It just means any group/gang/faction, who plays a server long enough would have even more advantages. I hate vanilla servers with groups or factions, they ruin servers by hoarding everything and killing everyone who isn’t them on sight. This game is best payed solo or maybe with a single friend on occasion in my opinion. Enter a world, find stuff, survive as long as you can, until you either make a fatal mistake or run across a hostile survivor who gets the drop on you. It shouldn’t be you cant go to „So and So Town,“ because its crawling with jerks with red armbands looking to kill anyone without one. This isn’t Call of Duty


But don't you think in a survival aspect it would be better with more people I do understand about the killing on sight thought but I think dayz is not the same with a group of friends otherwise you can never feel safe an never make a base an all that fun stuff

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