New Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Confirms: The Clark Women Take Over the Show

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A new trailer for Fear The Walking Dead season 7b has been released and shows that things will get bloody in the upcoming second half of the season. We also get a first look at a fiery return we’ve all been waiting years for.

What is happening? Today, the AMC network shared the first teaser for the second half of Fear The Walking Dead season 7, which showed loose clips from the upcoming 8 episodes. Then this morning the full trailer appeared on the AMC-UK YouTube channel, giving us even more blood and something even better. Sorry mom, but this mom is second to none.

New Fear The Walking Dead trailer shows Madison’s return with a twist

Here’s what the trailer shows: In the roughly two minutes that the trailer lasts, we see glimpses of what’s to come for all of our Fear characters. However, we don’t really learn what awaits them, but only see loose video snippets. The focus of the trailer is clearly Alicia, who calls on all listeners to join her over the radio. By that, of course, she means in the fight against Victor Strand, who, after eternal back and forth, good or evil, ultimately turned out to be a power-hungry dictator.

However, more and more people seem to be gathering in Morgan’s submarine. Wes, who we had to miss in the last episodes, is finally back in the game.

Is Madison back for good? At the end of the new Fear The Walking Dead 7b trailer, we can see Madison being questioned over PA in a sterile room. Tattooed on her wrists are the names of her children Alicia and Nick — her stepson Chris, however, is missing.

The distorted voice from the intercom asks her name, to which she responds, “Madison.” For some now-unknown reason, the voice replies that as of now, that is no longer Madison’s legal name. After that, the trailer fades out and leaves us waiting.

When will Fear The Walking Dead continue? The official start of Fear The Walking Dead season 7b is April 18th, 2022. To see the answers to our burning questions about Madison answered, we still have to wait 4 weeks. You can stream Fear as usual on Amazon Prime Video, AMC+ or AppleTV.

Amazon Prime had a big problem with the first half of Fear season 7: The episodes were manually unlocked by employees, which led to the fact that they were sometimes available around 05:00 in the morning, but sometimes only around 18:00 in the evening! We hope this will get better now and will keep you updated.

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