So no comics about Fear The Walking Dead & World Beyond

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The creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman clearly decides against a comic book adaptation of the successful The Walking Dead series Fear and World Beyond — this has some serious background, and some not so serios.

No more comics! In a fan letter, the creator of the TWD universe was asked if he had any ideas for Fear and World Beyond comics. He resolutely denies this and is generally rather negative about this idea; Fans wonder what’s going on.

Kirkman says, “No Fear & World Beyond comics, but …”

So no TWD comics: Robert Kirkman, inventor of The Walking Dead and co-showrunner of the series, often receives fan mail. A fan has now asked him about possible comics for Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond:

“Do you want them to appear?” & “do you have any ideas for that?” were the two relevant questions. Without talking much about the zombie pulp, he declares resolutely:

“I am just not interested TO BE HONEST.”

It wasn’t until 2019 that Kirkman surprisingly ended his The Walking Dead comic book series. After 193 comics and more than 16 years of work, this is the end. An end that will also apply to the mother series in 2022. The series World Beyond, which follows a group of young people, will also end in 2021. With Fear The Walking Dead, however, there is no end in sight. And yet, none of the series mentioned should be followed by a comic.

Legal problems likely for rejection

At Comic Con 2018, Robert Kirkman explained why Daryl Dixon would never appear in the comics. Legal problems with the appearance of the character are the reason for this. He is not allowed to look like the actor Norman Reedus, nor to wear his character traits.

So it’s understandable that Kirkman and his company Skybound Entertainment keep their hands off it. Imagine such obstacles with 10 or more figures – it would be unbearable.

Hope for comic fans: Anyone who is still waiting for new The Walking Dead food should be told: It comes in comic form. If you already know the original, you can at least look forward to a new edition in color. So far, the Walking Dead comics have only been published in black and white. In the following months, however, this should change, because gradually more booklets are to appear in color.

This also includes the more recent stories Negan Lives and Rick Grimes 2000. In the latter we follow Rick Grimes when we encounter the third species – aliens. After all, they are responsible for the zombie apocalypse. However, this only applies to this non-canonical excursion.


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