Earthquake Twitch livestream ended – This is how the streamer is

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While the Twitch streamer Grechi was playing the game Dota 2 unsuspectingly, she noticed an earthquake. After she took cover, fans stayed in the dark for hours about her condition.

What happened? An event has happened on Twitch that you don’t wish for anyone. The streamer Grechi had to pause her live stream due to a natural disaster. Subsequently, she was unable to inform her viewers about her well-being. But what exactly happened?

Earthquake ends Twitch livestream – that’s Grechi

A clip shows: There is a Twitch clip of the incident that shows the exact course of the situation. In this, we can clearly see that Grechi noticed that something was wrong even before the quake. Presumably, a vibrating and shaking glass bottle made her aware of the coming events.

She pauses the game, Dota 2, that she streamed to at this moment. Only a few seconds later, the broadcast begins to shake slightly and then violently. Viewers only see the streamer running out of the room and screaming.

Another player must have actively watched the stream because he writes in the Dota in-game chat: “I can’t believe what we’re seeing!”. Immediately afterwards the stream is interrupted and terminated. The fans are concerned and even hours later there is still no sign of life from Grechi.

This is how she is now: Fortunately, the streamer then announced her well-being via Instagram. She is still in shock, but has no injuries. The earthquake corresponded to a 5.8 on the Richter scale. This is one of the medium-strong quakes and usually does not cause dead or destroyed houses.

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Yet, it is always frightening to see that something like this can happen in certain regions of the world. We wish Grechi all the best and hope this shock doesn’t recur too soon.


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