Arma 3 Update 2.14: New Vehicles & Graphics - 10 years after Release

Published: Sep. 05, 2023
Updated: Sep. 05, 2023

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Arma 3 is now almost exactly 10 years old and just before the anniversary, it's getting the new Update 2.14, which brings vehicles and items to the game. We've summarized the most important changes and the full patch notes for you.

What's happening? 10 years after the release of Arma 3, Update 2.14 brings new free content to the military simulation. Among other things, you can expect new tanks, items, improved graphics, and many other enhancements. The article is sorted as follows:

  • The most important changes in Arma 3 Update 2.14
  • All patch notes for Update 2.14

The Key Contents of Arma 3 Update 2.14

1. New Railgun Tank "T-100x Futura"

Perhaps the biggest innovation from the current update is the two new tanks. Arma 3 has always been futuristic and featured military prototypes, but now the leap into the future is complete. The new tanks are equipped with an extremely powerful railgun.

To fire it, the gunner must charge the cannon (hold down the left mouse button). An energy bar in the upper right corner charges up to 110%. When the gunner releases the mouse button, the new tank in Arma 3 fires a supersonic projectile that inflicts massive damage.

2. New Items

  • 7x new Balaclavas
  • 10x new Bandanas
  • 2x new Caps
  • Lantern
  • Pumpkin
  • Scarecrow
  • Portable flagpole
  • Area Marker
  • Space capsule prop


3. New Graphics Options

  • New graphics preset "Extreme"
  • New post-processing option
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All Patch Notes for Arma 3 Update 2.14

Improved Content:

  • Added more extreme low and high-end values for various video options
  • Introduced an extreme values warning indicator in the video options interface.
  • Added a parameter for custom starting camera positions in the Eden Editor (cameraPositions3DEN).
  • Introduced the parachuteClassOverride property in CfgVehicles for spawning custom parachutes when an asset is paradropped by Zeus.
  • Decrypted the remaining vanilla addons from EBO to PBO (_tacops and _contact).
  • Vector script functions now utilize the new capabilities of the vector script command - FT-T156984.
  • Added a new Post-Processing default preset for new profiles.
  • Adjusted flashlight configurations following an engine fix for quadratic attenuation - FT-T170990.
  • Enhanced consistency in leaflet materials - FT-T171826.
  • The pylon version of the 20mm gun pod now uses a separate weapon class name with fixed VFX.
  • Restored missing fuel tank holders on the T-100 Varsuk.

Fixed Bugs & Issues:

  • Resolved a script error occurring during mission selection in Tac-Ops.
  • Fixed the sound shader for Wind_Generic_Low_SoundShader, which had no windy input.
  • Addressed issues with the Eden Editor UI not functioning correctly when a mission was passed as a startup parameter - FT-T139493.
  • Corrected instances where an explosion dirt effect intended for dead characters was occasionally played incorrectly for players - FT-T170161.
  • Resolved the "Tipping Point" issue in the "East Wind" campaign, where it could get stuck if your squad leader died too soon - FT-T156375, FT-T157514, FT-T148730, FT-T170998, Reddit.
  • Rectified a script syntax error in BIS_fnc_camp_showOSD.
  • Sirens now stop when a vehicle is destroyed on Dedicated Servers - FT-T159347.
  • Fixed the disassembly of the IDAP Demining ED-1D drone into the wrong backpack - FT-T171693.
  • Addressed issues with the RPG-42 ocular, which was using incorrect textures and materials in its first-person LOD - FT-T151288.
  • Fixed missing shadows on AKM and AK12 drum magazines.
  • Corrected slow crouching movement diagonally with a lowered weapon - FT-T169998.
  • Patched a small hole in the rear part of the RCO scope.
  • The revive system now correctly detects modded medical items derived from FirstAidKit and MediKit - FT-T152608.
  • The Arsenal load/save loadout function no longer ignores secondary muzzle magazines - FT-T159400.
  • Ensured that the explosion debris sound set is now played as intended (correctly restricted to non-sea surfaces) - FT-T173899.
  • Addressed footstep sounds on Scaffolding and Bunker (Tower) assets - FT-T164238, FT-T122026.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cap model had a camo selection in its shadow LOD, causing problems when using hidden selection materials on that asset - FT-T168411.
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