Arma 4: News & Hints on Setting found - Are they true?

Published: Jun. 14, 2023
Updated: Jul. 19, 2023

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Fans of military simulations are currently eagerly awaiting Arma 4, or at least a first announcement of the setting and gameplay. In the past few weeks, job postings kept popping up and the latest one finally reveals where the journey is headed, according to fans!

What's it about? Since the announcement of Arma 4 in May 2022, fans have been waiting in vain for new information. While developer Bohemia Interactive is still in full swing with their "testing ground game" Arma Reforger, fans have already moved on: "Where and when is Arma 4?" is one of the most frequently asked questions on social media. Now there are new clues that clearly reveal the setting for some fans. We take a closer look!

Arma 4 is once again set in the near future, concept drawings are said to show.

In the latest job posting from Bohemia Interactive, you can see concept drawings. Among other things, you can see two soldiers with extremely modern assault rifles and body armor. You can also see a small tank, which we couldn't make out as an existing model - maybe you know the model?

In the comments, some fans wonder if these designs are from Arma 4. And that in itself is quite possible. After all, we know that Bohemia Interactive only has a handful of big titles in the works:

  • DayZ
  • Arma Reforger
  • Vigor
  • Arma 4

The setting would also be fitting, Arma 3 has enjoyed great popularity with its scenario in the 2030s. A modern setting simply offers more possibilities and freedom for the developers to build a sandbox mil-sim that invites experimentation.

But here's the damper: By all appearances, Bohemia Interactive is working on another game. In the job posting you can find the description for work location, task and project. Under project it only says

Unannounced Project

So the concepts can't be about Arma 4 - that's obviously already announced and in active development.

Is there any other news in job searches on Arma 4?

Through Instagram and Facebook, the developer Bohemia Interactive is always looking for new employees. These searches then describe the position and intentionally give hints about which game will be supervised. Among other things, the developer sought the following positions with pictures to:

  • "Come and Create New Features for Arma 4..." with picture of Lead Designer (more on that in a moment).
  • "Technical Designer wanted" with pictures of Arma Reforger.
  • "Marketing & Brand Manager wanted" with pictures of Arma Reforger.
  • "Join us and create animations for Arma 4" with pictures of the lead animator in 80s uniform.

Regarding the latter, it should be said that the outfit of the lead designer does not directly mean that the journey will go to the Cold War. A few posts earlier, the developer presents the latest patch 1.1 for Arma 3, where you can also see military equipment and soldiers from the Cold War.

However, the outfit of the lead designer of Arma 4 made fans wonder at first. The lead designer wears a kappa with Arma written on it in a font that has never been used before. Underneath is a text, which is unfortunately a bit blurred. A subname perhaps?

Is there a hint hiding here?

No, here too we have to disappoint the Internet detectives. The cap that lead designer Jaroslav Kasny is wearing here is from "Arma Aviation". Even though it may sound like it, the supply company has nothing to do with the game series. It takes care of supply chains in various crisis areas around the world. So, now that we've disappointed you twice, here's what we really know and can assume about Arma 4!

More about Arma

All known info about gameplay & release of Arma 4.

Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the setting, map and scenario at the moment. But what you can expect from the gameplay is shown in the roadmap of Arma Reforger. This game serves as a test-area for the new engine. Most of the features that are or will be included in Reforger can also be expected in Arma 4. Among others our favorite: Power grids: There is an interconnected power grid on the map in conjunction with power plants & substations.

When will Arma 4 be released? Answering this question is almost impossible. So far, we've only seen an eight-second teaser showing rocks in the sea. Even though many features are already taken from Arma Reforger, a release of Arma 4 is likely still years away.


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The roadmap of Reforger extends to the end of 2023 and the developers would like to bring at least 3 major updates in the second half of the year. We expect various features for Reforger to be postponed. So you should rather not expect Arma 4 before 2025. This is just our estimation, and we like to be surprised!

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The interest in digging deep into the gaming industry stems from the DayZ Mod for Arma 2 in 2012. Kevin started working in the gaming industry in 2016. First as a trainee at Survivethis, the biggest German Survival-Games-Site at that time. Only half a year later, he got accepted at Gamestar and later MeinMMO. Now, on he implements all his Knowledge to deliver comprehensive news, guides, interviews and more unique topics.
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