Arma Reforger: Roadmap for 2023 Shows all Updates & New Content

Published: Dec. 01, 2022
Updated: Dec. 01, 2022

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The developers of Arma Reforger have recently released a roadmap for the upcoming updates for 2023, which promises more game content.

What it's about: Arma Reforger is a foundation on which Arma 4 will be built. On the long road to it, weekly updates will be reduced to bi-weekly updates to improve their quality. In addition, the roadmap for 2023 was now also known which expansions will join the game in the future. A total of larger 3 updates are planned.

The Roadmap for Arma Reforger Shows 3 Major Updates with Tons of Content

1st Update: Ground Support

The first update, called Ground Support, starts on 01.12.2022 at 15:00 CET, and can already show some new content. Through a new map, a new game mode, as well as new weapons, new missions, and also improved scenario framework, healing system, and much more. Detailed information about the update and all the contents of “Ground Support” can be found in our article about the Ground Support update.


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2nd update: Air Assault

The second update should also bring a good portion of new features, we have an overview for you here:


The update Air Assault contains a standard helicopter flight model, and two transport helicopters with mounted machine guns. To get you into the real feeling of flying a helicopter, there's a pilot gear on top, consisting of a uniform and helmet.

Resuscitation & Ballistic Protection7

If someone in your team should kick the bucket-no problem! Thanks to the new update, you can now revive your teammates. Additionally, new vests provide protection from bullets and shrapnel, and new helmets provide protection from shrapnel.

World Interaction – Electricity

With the Air Assault update, Arma Reforger's maps are supposed to be connected to an interconnected power grid that illuminates streets, houses, and lights. With this, you'll get the opportunity to use the power grid tactically by destroying transformers or power lines to interrupt the flow of electricity, repairing them to give yourself advantages.

Updating the fuel system

By updating the fuel system, it is possible to refuel vehicles that now have improved fuel economy.

Conflict update

Supply Management

Supply sources will be mainly in the FIA camps, forcing the American and Soviet factions to fight over them. Here, the supplies differ in ammunition and stuff for building, which can be replenished or topped up with regular replenishment runs.


Equipment and weapons

  • Heavy machine guns
  • NSV
  • Flares: Small arms and pistol
  • Ballistic protection
  • M1 Helmet
  • M69 flak vest
  • PASGT vest
  • 6B2 Vest
  • 6B3 Vest
  • Flight suits
  • Optics
  • Soviet rifle optics: 1P29
  • Soviet rocket launcher optics: PGO-7V3
  • Bayonets
  • Silencers


  • UH-1H (transport)
  • Mil Mi-8MT (transport)
  • S1203 minibus

Update 3: Final Strike

With the third and final update, you can look forward to the following content:

Light Artillery

With Final Strike, Arma Reforger will receive two mortars, including 81/82 mm mortar ammunition that can be operated by both players and the AI.

Conflict Update

  • Free Form Building – Complete: Thanks to Free Form Building, bases can now be built anywhere on the island and no longer have to be created in predefined places. This ensures that opposing factions have to search for these bases first. The only drawback here is that you have to keep an eye on radio range and supply acquisition.
  • Conflict: HQ role: As a player, you can now take on the role of the AI, deciding on strategy and setting faction objectives. Also, you can assign AI units to take over supply runs.



  • Mortars
  • M252 mortar
  • 2B14 mortar
  • Tanker equipment
  • Light machine gun: UK-59L
  • Assault rifle: M16A2 carbine
  • Explosive charges
  • Anti-personnel mines
  • Civilian clothing


  • Vehicle: LAV-25
  • Vehicle: BRDM 2
  • S105
  • Flatbed truck
  • Weapon system helicopter
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For more content questions, you can also check out the game's homepage.

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