Star Wars fan film "Tukk Tales" to Clone Wars looks like from Disney

Published: Apr. 05, 2023
Updated: Nov. 08, 2023

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There's a trailer on YouTube for the fan film Tukk Tales, based on Star Wars The Clone Wars, which promises a story centered around the new clone captain Tukk and his unit. We had to watch the trailer several times before we realized: These aren't scenes from the Clone Wars series, this is all homemade!

What's it about? What if The Clone Wars wasn't over yet and there were many more stories of the popular different clone soldiers? The YouTube channel "High Ground Animations" never asked itself this question. For the operators was always clear, The Clone Wars does not end as long as we are there. With the trailer for the fan film Tukk Tales, they present a short film that could have come straight from the Disney mice factory.

Fans Work on Fan Film to The Clone Wars that looks like from Disney

In the trailer, the creators under lead Jan Ruppert introduce us to their own clone unit. This unit is led by the likewise invented Captain Tukk, whom Ruppert first introduced to the Reddit community in 2022. He already wowed Star Wars fans with the still image of his own clone. With the trailer, Jan Ruppert and his small team of 6 collaborators are now exploding the imagination of the fandom.

What does the trailer show? In the trailer we see at the beginning directly the turquoise-colored unit of Tukk, the droids from an ambush to finish. Even the first few seconds are full of attention to detail. In addition to flying sparks, flickering lights and the true-to-the-original sound design, it's above all the wonderful humor that catches the ear. For example, a clone asks the commando battle droid why he has such a long face. Hidden in the background we can discover a droid scanning his face -- wonderful!

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But not only the humor and the attention to detail are right, the whole animation style, the look and feel of the film, that's Disney level, no question. We had to watch the trailer several times until we could spot the first sign of "fan-made". Whereby the stair-stepping on the clone armor of a soldier is not a clear indication. This trailer and hopefully the final Star Wars Tukk Tales movie could be on Disney+.


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Who is behind the film? As mentioned at the beginning, 3D artist Jan Ruppert is working on this film together with six other fans. On their own YouTube channel, High Ground Animation, they have been sharing their progress in 3D art for over 12 years. As the channel progresses, you can clearly see the progress Ruppert has made. From relatively simple to "please Lucasfilm get these people a job," you'll find the entire learning process here.

More fan-made? It's not just the Star Wars fan film that looks like it's going to be a great project. Hardcore fans can also be found in the game industry, masterminding cool projects. This is also the case with the fan game Star Wars Redemption: The best Star Wars game of the year is a fan project & is called "Redemption"

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