Hunt Showdown: New Event “Traitor Moon” Announced – What Can You Expect?

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Hunt Showdown is getting a new event called Traitor Moon. The developers shared a first teaser on Twitter, which already has fans speculating wildly.

Update March 18, 2022: The official trailer for the Traitor’s Moon Event has been released by Crytek and the first content has been shown.

What we know for sure: new weapons and variants are already shown in the trailer, but new legendary hunters should also be available in the event. The event starts on March 24th and runs until April 14th.

More information is expected to appear early next week.

Original news as of March 17, 2022

What’s new? A few hours ago, Hunt Showdown developer Crytek announced on Twitter that there will soon be a new in-game event. It’s called Traitor Moon. Fans are already speculating wildly about the contents of the event, and we’ll take a look at what’s really realistic!

What do we know about the Traitor Moon event in Hunt Showdown?

What is officially known? So far, Crytek has only released a short teaser on Twitter and YouTube, which is supposed to get players excited about the upcoming event. The focus here is on a kind of lunar cycle, which ranges from new moon to full moon. The images are displayed in a circle with a large skull in the center.

As usual for events in Hunt Showdown, Traitor Moon also follows the familiar formula:

  • Players earn points by killing monsters and bosses, as well as destroying optional items.
  • The progress is evaluated for the individual player as well as for the entire community.
  • If the community exceeds a certain point limit, it unlocks new skins or this time even the new weapons. These weapons were introduced with the 1.8 update, but are not included in it.

More than this little information is currently not known about the upcoming event. As soon as there is news about the Hunt Showdown event Traitor Moon, we will of course update this article! But many fans don’t want to wait for that, they are already speculating and have great ideas:

More about Hunt Showdown

What does the community want? The players of Hunt Showdown express their wishes in around 80 comments on reddit. SO one wish that seems to be shared by everyone is for improved weather effects. User Koenut-Z wishes for a revision of the night and improved fog (via

Based on this wish, other players add that making the night far more dangerous than the day would be a perfect fit for the event. Fittingly, then, would be selectable contracts that let players choose between day and night.

Other reddit users, however, would like to see special new AI opponents like werewolves or vampires. This is not too far-fetched: If you take a look at the Halloween event of Hunt Showdown, you’ll see that bosses dress up here as well.

What do you wish for? Enough talking about others, let’s get to the most important person: you! What do you wish for the upcoming Traitor Moon event in Hunt Showdown? Drop us a comment or join our enchanting growing community via the following links!


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