Ark Survival Evolved Gets Flying Tek-Sailboat With Genesis Part 2

Published: May. 05, 2021
Updated: May. 05, 2021

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A new feature that will be introduced with the upcoming Genesis Part 2 was shared on the official Twitter account of Ark Survival Evolved: The flying kite board "Tek Hoversail" appears as a feature of the DLC.

Ark is getting bigger: For a few weeks now, the Ark Survival Evolved Twitter account has been sharing many new gadgets and features that are to appear with the last addon, Genesis Part 2. Last time they shared a floating refrigerator and a minigun. The Tek Hoversail or Skimmer in Ark will take you out of the water and into the air.

ARK Genesis 2 receives minigun and cute mind control creature

This is what the Hoversail can do in Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2

Motorcycle or kite? There is another picture of the content from Genesis Part 2, this time showing an aircraft. The Hoversail is thus virtually a Tek variant of a pterosaur. But one thing seems to confuse some users: Are there two versions in the picture or do they belong together?

At the bottom you can see a player in tech armor. He is in the position of a motorcyclist, while the man behind is on a kind of kite board. Presumably it all belongs together and allows you and a friend to take off into the air together.

The developers do not share what is behind it on social media. So you have to wait for the release of Ark Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 on May 26th, 2021.


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What the community thinks about the Tek Hoversail in Ark

"Please don't!": It's no secret that many Ark Survival Evolved players can do without the tech stuff and the Hoversail with a clear conscience. This group would like a more primitive Ark, like it was with Release or Scorched Earth.

Others are really looking forward to the upcoming release and the increased focus on "Tek technology". In their opinion, this opens up completely new ways to get to know Ark Survial Evolved and gives the developers the opportunity to let off steam creatively.

But what is your opinion on the upcoming Ark Survival Evolved DLC Genesis Part 2, are you looking forward to the Hoversail and the focus on tech? Or would you much rather do without it and live in a cave?

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