ARK Genesis 2 receives minigun and cute mind control creature

Published: May. 01, 2021
Updated: May. 01, 2021

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Also this week, the developers of ARK Genesis Part 2 share more innovations that will make it into the last DLC. Including a destructive minigun and a sugary but highly dangerous creature with which you can control other dinosaurs and even players.

This is new: As in the last few weeks, the ARK developers Wildcard Studio will present new content in their Community Crunch up to the Genesis 2 release. This week, too, three new things are presented, but we already know two of them.

  • Canoe: A canoe that you can place anywhere. Great for fishing and relaxing.
  • Noglin: A cute creature, but one that is very dangerous. With it you can control wild dinosaurs, tamed creatures, and also other players.
  • Minigun: A minigun that is not particularly accurate, but offers a very high rate of fire. Perfect for providing support fire or for flattening big goals. It can be carried by the player on the one hand, but can also be placed stationary.

Especially the Norglin is likely to provide one or the other gimmick in Genesis Part 2. It is not yet clear how exactly mind control works and whether you can protect yourself against it. Controlling enemy players or even their dinosaurs seems to be a great way to wreak havoc in enemy camps.

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ARK Genesis Part 2 should now be released on May 26th after the first postponements. Until then, 3 more community crunches will be published, i.e. 9 possible things that Wildcard can present us beforehand.

The community doubts whether Wildcard can keep the release this time. So far, release dates have always been postponed several times. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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