DayZ Update 1.28 Patch Notes: Improved Plate Carrier, Removed Poké Ball & More

Published: May. 06, 2021
Updated: May. 06, 2021

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The new DayZ Update 1.28 (1.12.53) has been released and the request of the community, to improve the plate carrier has been heard. The Eggsperimental capsule and other Easter items are out.

Update at a glance: As expected, there is no new content in the current DayZ hotfix. On the contrary, because update 1.28 removes the Easter content. In return, the developers fulfill an important wish of the players: Plate Carriers are no longer useless! There are also many other fixes and changes.

This is in the DayZ Update 1.28 - Patch Notes

What's coming & what's going: As already mentioned, all content of the Easter event will be removed from the game with the patch. But don't worry, the developer's plan is that there will be many more events in the future. Then maybe with funny items like the Eggsperimental capsule, which you could use like a Pokéball. But here are the innovations:


  • Fixed a game crash caused by ammunition types
  • Tents inventories are no longer accessible from outside
  • Heavy hit and immediate fall into unconscious caused iron sights offset, requiring a restart of the game


  • Temporarily disabled the Eggsperimental Capsule
  • Increased the audible range of assault rifles to 2.5 km
  • Range of sniper rifles to 3.5 km
  • Of pistol shots up to 800 meters
  • SMG and shotgun shots up to 1.4 km
  • Better weapon sound curves
  • Reduced the damage to tools when
    • building
    • repairing
    • dismantling base building objects
  • Increased protection of plate carrier vest against the incoming shock and health damage.

What do you think? Again we ask for your opinion! What do you think of the changes in the current DayZ Update 1.28 (1.12.53)? Let us know in the comments!


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