Atomic Heart: All Editions in Comparison - All Differences & Prices

Published: Feb. 21, 2023
Updated: Feb. 21, 2023

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Atomic Heart is released today, and you can choose between three different editions. We'll now tell you what the differences are.

What's it about? Atomic Heart is a mixture of Soviet Pride and Bioshock. We were able to play the game a week earlier and are in love with it. In doing so, developer Mundfish has kindly provided us with the best of the three editions, which costs a hefty €100 on PC and as much as €110 on PS5. But don't worry, we'll now tell you if the price is worth it, or if you can confidently reach for a cheaper edition of Atomic Heart.

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The 4 Editions of Atomic Heart Compared - All Differences

One is out of stock: The Limited Edition of Atomic Heart is already completely sold out. You could only buy it exclusively through the Focus Entertainment Shop. This edition comes with a metal poster and a steelbook for you -- but now only via resellers. But what about the other editions of Atomic Heart?

Standard Edition (+pre-order)

Here you get the game and two pre-order skins, which cover your first melee weapon, the Swede Axe and the Electro Pistol in fancy engraved gold.

  • Base game
  • Swede Skin (pre-order)
  • Electro Skin (pre-Order)

Contents and price of the Standard Edition.

Gold Edition (+Pre-Order)

In the Gold Edition of Atomic Heart you get the basic game, the Atomic Pass (Season Pass) and the two pre-order skins.

  • Basic Game
  • Atomic Season Pass
  • Swede Skin (pre-order)
  • Electro Skin (pre-order)

All contents and price of the Gold Edition.

Premium Edition (+pre-order)

In the most expensive version, the Premium Edition of Atomic Heart, you get all the above content and more. You also get access to the Atomic Pass and pre-order skins, you also get the Premium Edition bonus, consisting of a golden AK and melee weapon. In addition, there is something else:

  • Basic game
  • Atomic Pass
  • Premium Edition Bonus (2x skins)
  • Digital Artbook
  • Swede Skin (pre-order)
  • Electro Skin (pre-order)

All contents and price of the Premium Edition.

More about Atomic Heart

Which edition of Atomic Heart is worth it for you?

Honestly, the Premium Edition is wonderful, we love the golden skins! But you can also buy them for €4.99 in the store. If you choose the Standard Edition (€59,99) and buy the skin package, you'll end up with €64,98 in total. Well, you're missing the Atomic Pass, which gives you access to upcoming DLCs.

So let's say you decide to buy the Gold Edition (€89,99) and then you get the Skin Pack. You'll end up with a total of €94.98, so you'll save €5 on the PC. The only content you're missing now is the art book. You can probably do without it!

Our tip: If you want to play the DLCs later -- and you will -- then you should buy the Gold Edition of Atomic Heart. Whether DLCs are worth €30 to you is up to you. However, the Gold Edition with the additional purchase of the skins is the price-performance winner!


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