DayZ Servers Are Down: When They Will be Online Again – 26th January

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DayZ developers have announced maintenance work for the game on January 12th. We’ll tell you how long the servers will stay offline.

Why it needs maintenance work? Online games and their servers require maintenance. But they often do not reveal what is behind it. Usually, these are only minor adjustments and updates:

  • Subsequent hotfixes for updates
  • Update of the server software
  • Alignment of server to client version

DayZ Server Down: This is how long the maintenance work will take on January 26th

When are the servers going offline? With a tweet (via the developers announced on January 7th that the maintenance work will happen on January 26th and 27th. During this downtime, the Christmas event will be removed, and important maintenance check-ups will be carried out on the servers. So you don’t have to worry that the servers are broken or simply down. The servers go back online and these are the exact times:

  • Start of DayZ maintenance work: 08:30 a.m. CET, January 26, 2021
  • End of maintenance work: 03:00 p.m. CET, January 26, 2022

These Servers are affected

Xbox Servers

  • DayZ US – LA 4308
  • DayZ US – LA 4386
  • DayZ US – LA 4425

PC/PS Servers (27th January)

  • PS: DayZ US – LA 0003
  • DayZ Livonia US – LA 5366

Are there any delays? It is currently unknown whether the maintenance work could take longer. If there is news on this, we will update the article!

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