DayZ players want socks – “Quite useful”

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The DayZ Community is a crazy little bunch, and that’s exactly what you notice when you take a closer look at the wishes of the players. In the Subreddit, some players are now asking for socks for the survival game. We’ll tell you what’s behind it.

That’s going on: In the DayZ Subreddit r/dayz, the long-time DayZ veteran moderngamer6 comments on the current medical situation in the game. He demands, for example, that certain medication should appear more often, also in more locations, or that some could be crafted.

Because the DayZ veteran can cope with a simple cold with ease, but some infections are too common in the game and the right medicine is too rare. The veteran would also like to be able to put on multi-layered clothing so as not to die of hypothermia. Putting on a T-shirt under the sweater wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Give us socks!

Many DayZ fans respond to the discussion. At the current time, the post has received 172 comments and 194 upvotes in the Subreddit. While a few players think that moderngamer6 is simply not well enough prepared to survive in the survival game, other players share his opinion.

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Socks are useful for this: Reddit user AndreiDespinoiu complements the idea and adds socks to the wish list. The fans are impressed by the idea and give a few suggestions as to what they could do with this simple piece of clothing:

  • Put on socks to keep your feet warm.
  • Cut holes in them as improvised gloves.
  • Fill the sock with stones, and you have a simple weapon.
  • Socks are also suitable as a bandage or for a cold compress.

Certainly, more functions could be added with a sock. For example, filter water with a sock, some sand, and coal – not quite so safe, but better than nothing. Socks can also be used to lug around smaller items.

Therefore, the curious wish to implement socks in the game is not that absurd. Modders may take care of this before Bohemia Interactive manages to implement this community idea.

What do you think about it? Would you like to see such little things in DayZ or is the original content enough for you?


  1. These are all good ways to help stay warm. Its set in a really cold environment adding layers of clothing
    could help so much and making some form of meds to help would be nice. I think extra meds hurt the
    game in a whole but need to be able to play successfully without meds. I also think a fire should be built with an ax, hatchet or fire ax. That needs fixed. You cant get bark from a tree with those as of now
    and that is not realistic at all.

    • Also pretty much everyone who was outside camping or doing a longer hike knows that dry socks are the most valuable source of comfort.
      Damp or even wet socks are just the worst!

      On a more serious node: I feel socks aren’t that unrealistic to be added.


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