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DayZ – This means FPP (1PP) & TPP (3PP) when searching for servers

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When looking for a server in DayZ you keep coming across the terms TPP and FPP (3PP & 1PP) in the descriptions, but what does that mean? Today we will explain these two abbreviations to you.

Still confusion: It is not surprising that with so many new players the question arises more and more what TPP and FPP mean in DayZ. You can find these abbreviations in the names and descriptions of many servers. Now we’ll tell you what that means.

The Meaning of the Shorts in DayZ & Co.

Not only here: You surely came across these terms not only in DayZ, but also in other games. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Arma 3, Deadside or ARK, to name just a few. This function tells you how you will spend your gaming session in the near future.

That means TPP & FPP in DayZ

The abbreviations TPP and FPP in DayZ and Co. tell you from which perspective you will play. Whether from the first-person perspective (FPP) or looking over your shoulder at your character from behind (TPP). The translation is very simple:

TPP = Third-Person Perspective
FPP = First-Person Perspective

It plays so differently: At this point, we advise you to carefully consider which perspective you like better. Because on TPP servers in DayZ you can look around corners without showing yourself, but others can do that as well.

For the fairest gaming experience, in which nobody waits behind hidden corners or shoots you by surprise, you should choose FPP servers. Here, everyone plays from a first-person perspective and thus cannot “cheat”. If the enemy sees you, you can see them too!

Now you know: we hope we were able to help you shorten your search with this short guide. Let us know in the comments which servers you will choose in the future.



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