DayZ Update 1.15: This Crazy Dude is not in Any Patch Notes

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Yesterday the developer Bohemia Interactive installed the DayZ update 1.15 on the experimental servers. We have summarized all the patch notes for this – or have we not? There was something weird in it, and it was discovered by fans.

Who snuck in there? The DayZ patch notes from update 1.15 contain pretty much everything we need to know about the patch. Just one thing, a “living being” to be precise. Here are a few tips on who or what it is:

  • It is dressed in red and white
  • can fly in his vehicle
  • Has a full beard – well?

There are no presents this year! This is hidden in the DayZ update 1.15

We’ve kept you tense long enough: The DayZ team has secretly brought Santa Claus into the game. The Covid pandemic does not seem to have gotten to work.

Either he now has a massive drug problem or he is infected with the zombie virus from DayZ. Well, the latter is more likely.

Fans found Santa Claus while on the experimental servers. A Redditor took a screenshot and shared his encounter with the DayZ subreddit (via

What is missing there? On the screenshot shared by the user LivenGames, Santa was missing something important: his hat. When asked by Bohemia Interactive they answered:

“He may need a little more time finding it. It’s not christmas yet”

Is there a Christmas event coming? It is very likely that there will also be a Christmas event in DayZ in 2021. The developer did not confirm this directly, but points out that this event has always existed so far.

As a reminder: In the last Christmas events you could find small gifts that contained ammunition, weapons or festive items. In addition, Chernarus was decorated with fir trees full of colorful balls and fairy lights.


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