Diablo 4 Leaks: World Tier 5, Gem Level 5-8 & Season Details

Published: Jun. 12, 2023
Updated: Jan. 29, 2024

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Dataminer DataMineARPG has found out new details about the future of Diablo 4. World Tier 5 is supposed to come, the Gems will get higher ranks, and more details about the first season have emerged. As this is Data miner information, these details should be taken cautiously and may be changed by Blizzard.

This is what's happening: Diablo 4 has only been available to everyone since June 6th, and the first Season is supposed to start in mid to late July, and there is not much information about it so far. However, data miners have already found and revealed further details in the game data – among other things, about World Tier 5, Gem ranks 6 to 8, and further season details. Unfortunately, none of this has been officially confirmed.

Diablo 4 Data Miner Finds Details About World Tier 5

The Diablo Data miner, DataMinerARPG, has found exciting details in the Diablo 4 game data. Blizzard is apparently already working on World Tier 5, but nothing is known yet about the individual stats we can expect in World Tier 5. Also, the name of the new difficulty level or when we can expect the implementation is unknown. Only the icon of World Tier 5 can be identified in the game data:

Diablo 4 world tier 5 symbol

When will World Tier 5 arrive?

A quest icon to unlock world level 5 is already available as a placeholder in the game data. According to data miners, This quest icon should point to the Fracture Peaks. Apparently, it is the position of the capstone dungeon you need to complete at world level 4 to unlock world level 5.

New Gem Ranks Coming to Diablo 4

The Data miner has also found new gem ranks in the game data. Currently, it is possible to find or craft gems in 5 levels during the game. Three more levels are currently in the game data of Diablo 4 and should therefore come into the game soon, presumably with the first season, which will start in July.

Diablo 5 gem level 6 to 8

The 8th Gem Rank in Diablo 4

Furthermore, the values of the individual gems are known, but not their names. A few of the values are also not 100% certain and can still change.

  • Grün: High chance (linear pattern, final values are likely to match).
  • Orange: Medium chance (unclear pattern, final values may vary slightly).
  • Rot: Low chance (random pattern, final values can vary greatly).


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X% critical damage to vulnerable targets. +13,5% +15,0% +16,5%
Armor +X Thorns. +370 +520 +700
Jewelry X% Shadow Resistance. +24,7% +27,1% +29,6%


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X% critical damage to enemies suffering from loss of control. +13,5% +15,0% +16,5%
Armor X% damage reduction while fortified. +3,5 % +4,0% +4,5%
Jewelry X% cold resistance. +9,0 % +10,0% +11,0%


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X% damage over time. +9,0% +10,0% +11,0%
Armor X% less damage taken over time. +9,0 % +10,0% +11,0%
Jewelry X% Shadow Resistance. +24,7% +27,1% +29,6%


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X Life when destroying an opponent. +40 +64 +100
Armor X% healing received. +5,5% +6,0% +6,5%
Jewelry X Armor. +300 +350 +380


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X% damage from Ultimates. +17,0% +19,0% +21,0%
Armor X% barrier generation. +5,5% +6,0% +6,5%
Jewelry X% All Damage Resistance. +24,7% +27,1% +29,6%


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X% damage from basic skills. +22,5% +25,0% +27,5%
Armor X% less damage while control impaired +11,0% +12,0% +13,0%
Jewelry X% Lightning Resistance. +24,7% +27,1% +29,6%


Slot Effect Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
Weapon X% Overpower damage. +27,0% +30,0% +33,0%
Armor X% Life. +4,5% +5,0% +5,5%
Jewelry X% fire resistance. +24,7% +27,1% +29,6%

More Details about Diablo 4 Season 1

As the Dataminer himself says, there is currently hardly any information about the upcoming first season of Diablo 4, apart from the official details. However, further details can be read in the game data to the official information. These are to be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as they could merely be for testing purposes on the part of Blizzard:

Diablo 4 season 1 details

What can we expect in Diablo 4 S1?

Seasonal Chapters and Challenges

The seasons in Diablo 4 will possibly be divided into seasonal chapters, just like in Diablo 3, for which you will be rewarded upon completion. At least “Seasonal Chapter Reward Caches” can be found in the game data.

The same concept applies to challenges, which can be general, such as reaching a certain level and completing a specific objective, such as “Kill X Elite Enemies”. However, there may also be other challenges exclusive to the Season.

Seasonal Stash-Tab

Based on information gathered by DataMinerARPG, there will be a seasonal stash-tab. It is important to note that items from non-seasonal characters cannot be transferred to a seasonal tab. You can, however, take items from it. It is crucial to remember that you must collect your items before the end of the active season, as any items left in the tab may no longer be available.

However, it is not yet clear exactly how the system will work. In Diablo 3, your Season character was always transferred to the regular squad, including all items at the end of a Season. Only season-exclusive items were deleted.

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