Elden Ring: Get Mount and Call Horse - How to do it

Published: Feb. 25, 2022
Updated: Feb. 25, 2022

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With the mount you'll cover long distances and jump over dangerous cliffs in Elden Ring. But how do you actually summon the mount, and when do you get your horse? Guided author Tim Gundlach will explain it to you now.

Why a horse? Your spectral steed is not only useful for riding between the places of grace, it can even help you overcome obstacles with its double jump or give you a hand in battle. But where do you get it?

Elden Ring - getting and summoning a horse

Are there any prerequisites? Yes, there are! In order to get your horse from the mysterious stranger, you must have activated at least four Places of Mercy. You'll find them relatively quickly at the beginning. Using the minimap and the markers, you will be sent from one to the other Site of Mercy and explore the entire starting area.

This way you can call your horse:

  • Shortly after you leave the graveyard of the stranded, head north to the old abandoned church. There is already the second place of mercy.
  • The next site is right at the big gate. If you go west from the gate, there is another site behind the knights' camp.
  • At the fourth place of mercy Melina will appear and offer you a trade. If you agree to this trade, you will receive the pipe of the Spectral Steed. If you refuse the trade, you can always call Melina and change your mind.

Your spectral steed is not only a mount, but also a loyal companion. No matter if you are sprinting, jumping or fighting. Because it is possible to fight from the back of your horse and perform light attacks.

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