Halloween Sale - Which Platform offers the Scariest Deals in 2017?

Published: Oct. 27, 2017
Updated: Dec. 10, 2023


While most people are preparing their costumes for Halloween, gamers are waiting for the famous Halloween sales. Brace yourself because all major platforms have a sale ready. But which one has the most scariest deals?


Shocktober is the name for the Xbox Halloween sale 2017, which will run till October 31st and has a lot of titles to offer. Below you find a few horror and survival games that have a great discount and might be worth picking up.

The first game is: Dead Rising 4 with a total of 60 percent off. Looking forward to buy the older Dead Rising games? Not a problem either, they are all discounted between 50 and 80 percent. If you fancy to run around with just a camera Outlast 1 or 2 might be something for you, as both of them are on sale. Outlast 1 is 75 percent off while Outlast 2 is at a decent 40 percent.

Another horror title which has been reduced in price is the series Resident Evil, you can expect a 60-70 percent discount on all titles. If that's not shocking enough I don't know it! Xbox shows to have quite some horror titles at its disposal.

Looking forward to survive instead? Fortnite got discounted with a 40% as well as Dead by Daylight.

Spooky Titles

For the PC gamers out there we decided to take a look at steam. If you are looking to survive Halloween, there are three survival games that bought our attention: The first is Dead by daylight, which is discounted with a nicely 50 percent. Secondly the popular game from Klei Entertainment: Don't starve, you will find this game with a 75% discount. The dlc's are all cheaper as well, so if you have been hesitating to buy the game make sure to grab it now! As last but not least Distrust got discounted with a 31% off, definitely a game that's worth the money. If you are not sure what Distrust is we got a review ready for you.

Rather want to play some scary horror games? Both Outlast 1 and 2 are on a sale right now, With the same discount as the Xbox versions: 80 and 40 percent.  Escaping a horrific family sounds like a good way of spending your Halloween evening, this is now possible with a 50 percent discount on Resident Evil 7.  As last we take a look at the alien horror games with Prey and Alien Isolation who are on a 25 and 70 percent discount.


Outlast 2 also returns in the PlayStation section, with a discount of 36 percent, with means it has the lowest discount percent compared to the other platforms. Resident Evil 7 makes this even, as the discount is 50 percent. If you own a PlayStation and you are looking forward to play Prey, this is your moment as it has a 60 percent discount.

The last game for our selection is Little Nightmares which is 37 percent off, if you only need the DLC, you can pick this up for a discount as well!

And the winner is...

If you look at the horror and survival titles on sale, Xbox runs away with the trophy of scariest sale. Steam is a good second with a variety of many games. The third place goes to PS4 which had some good titles but overall not many games are lower in price. If you are a PC gamer and can't find what you need on steam, don't worry! Uplay and GOG have sales as well to cover you up, but make sure to hurry as the sales are ending at October 31st and November 1st.

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